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10 Best Meditation Teacher Trainings In 2024

Posted by Narek Mirzaei on

If you are a meditation enthusiast and want to use the principles of this practice to enhance your career in business, healthcare or education, a Teacher Training may be exactly what you need.

In this article, we will provide a list of the 10 best, most reliable, and trustworthy meditation teacher training programs in 2024. We hope you find it useful as you continue your journey toward a deeper meditation practice.

Once you finish the training, you can start your business by monetizing your meditations and finally turning your passion into your profession.

10 Best Meditation Teacher Trainings In 2024


Considerations When Choosing a Meditation Teacher Training:

Do I Require Certification to Become a Meditation Teacher?

There is no legal requirement to become a meditation teacher. This world is more about training and passion and less about credentials. The important thing is to choose a teacher with whom you feel spiritually aligned. That being said, after completing these trainings you will receive a professional certificate that can be very helpful for your business.

Is it Better to Train Online or Face-to-Face?

Although in-person meditation trainings can help you immerse yourself more deeply in the experience, you may be surprised at how enriching online trainings can be. Plus, they are  less expensive and you can do them from the comfort of your own home.

Should I opt for Live or Recorded Sessions?

We personally recommend meditation trainings that are at least a hybrid between live and recorded sessions. This can help you stay engaged and feel connected to the community (Sangha).

What Type of Meditation is Provided? Is This the Style I Wish to Specialize in?

Find out in advance what type of meditation each training offers to ensure that it resonates with what you are looking for. Some options include Transcendental Meditation, Buddhist Meditation, Zen Meditation, Sound Meditation, etc.


10 Best Online Meditation Teacher Training Courses:

1. The Mindfulness Meditation Teacher Certification Program With Jack Kornfield and Tara Brach

This is a two-year professional training based on awareness and compassion practices that will transform your view of life and the world around you. The program is completely online but also offers the opportunity to attend two in-person gatherings. Upon completion, you will receive a certificate of meditation and mindfulness instructor endorsed by the University of Berkley and the Awareness Training Institute.


2. Active Consciousness Meditation Teacher Training With Punnu Singh Wasu

This meditation training is for yoga teachers who want to integrate meditation into their classes or anyone who wants to integrate meditation into their daily lives. This program offers 50-hour, 100-hour, or 200-hour courses with certificates included and is held in person in the magical city of Bali.


3. Chopra Meditation Instruction Certification

This 10-week training program combines spirituality and business. It is completely online and includes live and recorded sessions. You will have access to small group online classes, where you will receive the latest research meditations and studies, as well as business development resources and tools. Upon completion, you will receive an online certification.


4. Center for Mindful Self-Compassion Training (With MSC teachers)

If you want to deeply embody the principles of compassion and meditation and consolidate a daily and enriching practice, this meditation training is for you. Participants express a profound transformation after completing this online or in-person training. This is an excellent training option for becoming a meditation teacher.


5. Mindfulness Meditation Teacher Training With Cyndi Lee

Cindy Lee offers a unique self-guided training aimed at those seeking an innovative approach to meditation or those who need a boost to their daily practice. The training can be taken at your own pace and consists of two modules: one focused on personal practice and the other on skills for teaching others to meditate. Another plus? It is quite affordable, perfect for those who don't have a lot of money to invest.


6. Yin & Meditation Teacher Training With Tiffany Cruikshank & Yoga Medicine Staff

If you are looking for a more challenging training, the Yin & Meditation Yoga Teacher Training is exactly what you need. Designed for yoga teachers and health professionals, this training is ideal if you already work with clients in a therapeutic setting. It is 55 hours long, self-paced and completely online.


7. Yoga Kula 20-hour Meditation Training

This meditation training is hybrid, which means that it is half online and half face-to-face. It provides the knowledge and practice needed to live a life with more awareness and help your clients embark on a journey of healing and self-discovery. As the name suggests, this is a 100-hour training that you can complete at your own pace.


8. The Path Online Meditation Teacher Training

This online training is completely live, which helps to cultivate a sense of community in which the wisdom of Buddhism is passionately taught. In only 3 months, you will learn about the neuroscience behind meditation, providing a scientific background that can be very useful in your future business.


9. iRest Yoga Nidra & Meditation Teacher Training With Richard Miller and Stephanie Lopez

This meditation training is one of the most comprehensive for beginners. In 30 hours, you will learn the history, principles, theory and practice of meditation. What makes this meditation training unique is that it provides a simple and transformative 10-step guide to help you teach this practice in a professional setting.


10. Meditation University’s 200-hour Meditation Teacher Training Course (MTT-200)

This 12-week training brings together 12 specialists who will not only deepen your understanding of the art of teaching meditation but will also train you in more specific areas such as trauma, working with children, and how to create a successful career in the world of meditation. The training is completely online and includes live sessions, mentorship, and bonus materials.


Final Thoughts

Meditation is a practice that can not only change your life for the better. . It can become an established and successful business if you have the right training and follow your inner calling.

If you are committed to making meditation your personal business in 2024, I encourage you to join one of the trainings explored in this list and start monetizing your meditations using the best meditation music to go along with them.


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