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9 Best Types of Music for Meditation and Yoga Classes

Posted by Narek Mirzaei on

The goal of going for meditation and yoga must have crossed our minds at least every once in a while, and while most of us zone out and lose focus, it’s harder than it seems.
So here we are with something that is proven to help perfect your consistency in performing these two activities that will definitely liven up your lives. Follow along for a list of 9 best yoga music and what to listen to while meditating!
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1. Binaural Beats

Binaural beats follow the concept of two music tones blended in such a way that your brain produces a third sound upon hearing and all these come together as one calming experience. 
If you listen to this kind of meditation music, you can relax and wind down rapidly since it gives an anti-anxiety ambience for you to wind down by focusing on a calm and light music beat. You can connect with your higher self and explore their inner energies.
These would also make for the best yoga music to listen to during yoga classes since the slow calming momentum of those exercises complements the calming energy of binaural beats. We’ve also compiled a list of some of the most loved binaural beats for instance check these out.

2. Classical Music

The ability to evoke strong emotions in listeners is a strength of classical music and aren’t we all exceedly fond of these? This kind of old-school music is also related to improved intelligence, creativity, and learning.
High energy vibrations are transmitted by classical music, which uplifts the listener's mood and hence makes for good yoga music for class environment as it may get distracting with lighter music. Uplifting melodies are the aim of classical music composers and you can use these strategically for yoga and meditation considering the ultimate objective of these practices is to bring about mental serenity.

3. Nature Sounds

Sounds of thunder, rain, wind, waterfalls, birds, bee buzzes, crackling fireplace, don’t these make you feel like a calm euphoria? These noises make us feel connected to nature and at peace with the outer world.
It diffuses stress which is a prerequisite for any mental practice including meditation and yoga. The chemicals of psychological well-being i.e endorphins, are released when one listens to the sounds of nature.
So here are some nature sounds that we’ve collected for you to enhance the efficacy of your yoga and meditation results.

4. Ambient Music

In contrast to conventional musical structure, ambient music places more emphasis on mood and tone. Maximizing mental concentration, this genre of music is just ideal for meditation and even yoga. You’re enabled to free yourself from all bothersome distractions if you let it sink in, which isn’t as hard as meditating without it.
It’s artistically pleasing, which is a great motivator for practicing meditation. Ambient music facilitates quick mastery of regulating focus so if you’re one with a floating mind, use this to your advantage.

5. Gregorian Chants

Roman chant evolved into Gregorian chant, which is a component of Catholic Church liturgy. For both those who sing it and those who hear it, Gregorian chant was designed to evoke reverence, amazement, and thankfulness. The Gregorian chant's melody is immensely beneficial for the practice of meditation.
This style of music combats negative thinking, bolsters positive feelings, and immediately promotes psychological well being. Negative mental states, such as resentment, melancholy, and excessive worry, all go out the window with the creepy way these touch your soul.
This makes meditation easier because it is necessary for this practice to purge the mind of any negativity in order to gain a clear mind to reflect on things with a leveled head.


6. Zen Music

Zen music, often known as meditation music, aims to peacefully connect the left and right hemispheres of the brain. Again, you'll experience feelings of  inner calm, mental clarity, serenity, and spiritual enlightenment when both hemispheres come together.

Zen music was created to make meditation a spiritually enlightening activity. Beyond just the practice of meditation, this style of music helps the practitioner in their daily lives.
The person feels more confident, sleeps better, and has better interpersonal connections. As listening to various zen music melodies is more mentally stimulating, it is also one of the best yoga music tracks to listen to during a tough stretch session.

7. Solfeggio Frequencies

Gregorian chants also made use of ancient musical tones known as solfeggio frequencies. These tunes were written with the intention of bringing healing and blessing to both music players and listeners.
The Solfeggio frequencies have the capacity to positively affect matter, spirit, and mind. The fundamental components of meditation, calmness, relaxation, and serenity, are produced by these melodies. 
 You'll find them a little strange but through everyday practice, this musical genre ensures that the listener achieves the objectives set forth. There are twelve frequencies, which assist in various ways, such as assisting someone in overcoming fear or guilt or expelling any sort of negative energies within oneself.


8. Chill Out

This includes a variety of electronic music genres that are meant to uplift the mood and energize a lazy body. Electronic sounds, gentle rhythms, and experimental elements are used in the composition of this style of meditation music to soothe the mind.
You're predisposed to a deep tranquility which eventually helps in getting in the flow to begin meditating.  You can regulate your breathing, purge the mind of distracting thoughts, and establish a connection with reach deep into your sense of self.
Yoga practitioners can also beat the lazy and get stretching with these lively and energizing beats.

9. Isochronic Tones

If you’ve ever noticed sounds being played repeatedly at predetermined intervals then you’re aware of isochronic tones. It’s patterned beats with gaps and melodies together. This music is an effective tool for stress relief making it one of the best sounds for meditation music.
Since bad thoughts inhibit the person from finding their true spirit, these tones help drown out those thoughts distracting you with the unique sounds.

Bottom Line

It’s been said, “music is life itself”. People depend on it for enjoyment, relaxation and we all admit to using it during studies, don’t we? Blending its benefits for the brain for use in mental exercises is an ultimate technique to effectiveness so let us know what you’ll be listening to on your next meditation or yoga class!

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