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7 Ways to Monetize Your Meditation & Yoga Talent

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Are you included in the list of people who make up the 5.7% global unemployment rate? Due to the high inflation rate and poor economy, making both ends meet these days is very hard. But you can improve your luck by turning your passion into your profession.

Practicing meditation and yoga consistently due to their unlimited benefits isn’t enough. You can teach people the mental art of meditation and yoga to earn a handsome amount. We have brought you “7 Ways to Monetize Your Meditation & Yoga Talent”

7 Ways to Monetize Your Meditation & Yoga Talent

Strategies for Meditation and Yoga Teachers to Make Money

The amount of money you make as a meditation and yoga teacher entirely depends on your skill. You practice it daily, so it’s not hard for you to teach it professionally. This article highlights seven strategies to earn revenue as a meditation and yoga instructor.


1. Start your own gym/studio

Opening your own gym or studio is the most fantastic way to get started as a meditation and yoga instructor. You have to build yourself as an entrepreneur. Not only your thoughts but your personality contributes a lot to attract customers. Nothing can be better than teaching a bunch of students at a single time at your own place. Owning a meditation and yoga gym will boost your resume as well. 


2. Private yoga and meditation sessions

In private yoga and meditation sessions, you are supposed to teach an individual or a small group of two to four people. Private yoga and meditation sessions take place in the client's home during their chosen time zone.

The perk of private sessions is the extra money you charge for going to the client’s place to teach yoga and meditation. The question arises: "How to get clients for private sessions?” The key is building community and making your name. Serve your client with high energy and try to sweeten the environment by playing high quality meditation music. 

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3. Corporate yoga and meditation partnerships

Big corporations have started hiring yoga and meditation instructors to help their employees. According to studies,  yoga and meditation are the best practices to alleviate stress. Lower stress increases work productivity. 

Corporate yoga and meditation partnerships are fruitful since they pay almost $80 for eight to ten sessions per month. If your yoga and meditation sessions help employees to get energized and clear their thoughts, you will no longer need to look for jobs. To avail this opportunity, start applying at large corporations in large cities immediately. 


4. Digital courses

You can easily earn by offering your services digitally.  We have a strategy for you that will work well online. The steps are as follows:

  • Create your online paid course
  • Start marketing your paid course on any digital platform

Creating a paid course is not a big deal. Create list sessions and share them in sequence with your clients. Yet, it would help if you had a strategy for marketing your premium course. Start educating individuals about the advantages of your course and the errors they are making in their daily yoga routine. Bring attention to subjects like the distinction between mindfulness and meditation. These steps will convince the audience to buy your paid course.


5. Mini retreats

Yoga and meditation are much more than just physical exercises. You can engage people by offering mini-retreats of a half-day or a full day. These mini-retreats include multiple mini-activities to refresh the body and soul. 

On this day of mini-retreats, you’ll offer people hiking, a long drive, a single yoga session, a few meditation hours, self-care techniques, cooking tips, goal setting, and much more. You can potentially charge $100 for this relaxing day you offer your clients. 


6. Build a community

Your online presence will get you an online community. Here, we're referring to building a community through physical interaction. 

To raise awareness about the importance of yoga and meditation, hold seminars, participate in social gatherings, and go to public events. You might also emphasize yoga's significance in curing breast cancer or other health benefits. Your demonstration of knowledge will convince people to get sessions from you.


7. Travel and teach 

The rising awareness about mental relaxation is raising the trend of yoga and meditation. Yoga instructors travel around the globe to provide sessions. You may get a job call from health resorts, public schools, and hospitals. 

It’s worth mentioning that these institutions bear your travel, house, and food expenses. You also earn triple what you were earning at your gym or studio.


Bottom line

The demand for yoga instructors is rising day by day. Opportunities for a yoga coach go beyond the hours of the day. The yoga and meditation market can never be saturated.  Although there may be many yoga teachers out there, very few of them approach it as a business. Your business mind and our excellent strategies point to a successful career.


__Written by Music Of Wisdom team

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