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Royalty Free Reiki Healing Music Collection

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Incorporating Reiki healing into your practice can be a transformative experience. Reiki is a Japanese healing technique that relies on the channeling of energy through the hands to promote physical and emotional healing. The right music enhances the power of Reiki by creating a harmonious environment that facilitates relaxation, focus, and energy flow.

The soothing music in our "Royalty-Free Reiki Healing Music Collection" aligns with the principles of Reiki, promoting deep relaxation, balance, and the release of negative energy. It can help practitioners and clients alike to enter a meditative state more easily, deepening the healing process. Whether you're conducting Reiki sessions for personal or commercial purposes, these tracks can elevate the experience and guide your clients towards profound healing.

Royalty-Free Reiki Healing Music Collection

Royalty-Free Reiki Healing Music Download


Let's take a closer look at the tracks included in this collection, and delve into the profound benefits of incorporating the right music into your Reiki and healing practice.


1. A Healing Touch

"A Healing Touch" sets the tone for your Reiki and healing sessions, providing a tranquil backdrop that enhances relaxation and focus. This music track is perfect for easing your clients into a state of receptivity and healing energy. 1Hz Delta waves are incorporated in the track.

2. You Shall Heal

"You Shall Heal" is a powerful affirmation, and the music accompanying it is equally empowering. This track will help your clients channel their intentions and trust the healing process during their sessions. The track is tuned to 528Hz Solfeggio frequency - Miracle Tone.

3. Healing Bowls (Singing Bowls + 5Hz Theta Waves)

The combination of singing bowls and 5Hz theta waves in "Healing Bowls" creates a unique and deeply meditative atmosphere, perfect for balancing energy centers and promoting holistic healing.

4. Cleanse Your Soul

"Cleanse Your Soul" is all about purifying the mind and spirit. This track will help your clients release negative energies and invite a sense of inner purity into their Reiki and healing experience. This music track is tuned to 432Hz frequency.

5. The 7 Healers Vol.1 - All Chakra Bundle

A comprehensive collection of healing music designed to resonate with each of the seven chakras. This bundle allows you to cater to the specific energy needs of your clients and balance their entire chakra energy system.

6. The 7 Healers Vol.2 - All Chakra Bundle

Continuing from Vol.1, this second bundle further refines and expands on the chakra-balancing music, offering a well-rounded selection to address your clients' unique energy requirements.

7. 7.83Hz Pure Binaural Tones - Schumann Resonance

Tapping into the Schumann Resonance at 7.83Hz, this track helps ground your clients and connect them with the Earth's natural energy, fostering harmony and balance.

8. Healing Voices

The soothing vocal tones in "Healing Voices" resonate deeply with the human spirit, offering a soulful experience that can guide your clients through their healing journey.

9. Heal Your Twin Flame

For those seeking to mend deep connections, "Heal Your Twin Flame" is the perfect accompaniment. This track aims to promote emotional healing and unity.

10. The Healing Winds

"The Healing Winds" transports your clients to a serene and tranquil realm, where they can embrace the gentle power of the elements and find solace in their healing sessions.

11. Fear Is Not Yours

"Fear Is Not Yours" is a reminder to release fear and invite courage. The music in this track encourages clients to confront their anxieties with grace and resilience. The track is tuned to 852Hz Solfeggio frequency.

12. Awakening Your Higher Mind - 963Hz + 741Hz + 285Hz

This bundle is consists of 3 individual tracks each tuned to a specific solfeggio frequency. The music tracks are designed to elevate your clients' consciousness and promote spiritual awakening, making it a valuable addition to your Reiki and healing music toolkit.

13. Soul Flight

"Soul Flight" invites clients on a profound inner journey, enabling them to explore their spiritual essence and transcend the confines of the physical world.

14. Angel Wings

"Angel Wings" is the perfect conclusion to your healing sessions, providing a gentle and ethereal ambiance that leaves your clients feeling uplifted and connected with higher realms.


Royalty-Free Reiki Healing Music Collection

Royalty-Free Reiki Healing Music Download


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Reiki healing, coupled with the right soothing music, can provide a holistic approach to wellness. Our music collection is a valuable resource that can help you create the perfect atmosphere for your healing sessions, ensuring that your clients receive the full benefits of this ancient and powerful practice. We invite you to explore the "Royalty-Free Reiki Healing Music Collection" and experience the transformative power of music in your healing journey.


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