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How to Unblock 7 Chakras With 7 Crystals?

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Have you been feeling odd lately? What can be the reason for not being yourself and feeling annoyed all the time? You should consider your chakras once. A blocked chakra can cause numerous psychological and physical problems. It’s important to unblock a chakra to restore the energy level and maintain emotional equilibrium. 

People use multiple methods to unblock chakras, like yoga, meditation, and breathing exercises. It is said that one of the fastest and most efficient way to unblock a chakra is through crystals. This article will teach you “How to unblock 7 chakras with 7 crystals?”

 How to unblock 7 chakras with 7 crystals

How Do Chakras Get Blocked?

When a person comes to know about chakra blockage, he is intrigued to know the reason for it. Chakra can get blocked due to several reasons. The most common cause of chakra blockage is an emotional disturbance. 

Anger issues, past trauma, physical injury, or relationship problems can negatively affect chakra maintenance. Emotional balance keeps the chakras open to avoid health problems. 

You can use chakra healing meditation music alongside crystals to unblock and balance your chakras.


How to Unblock Chakras Using the Crystals Technique?

Each chakra is distinct from the others because it possesses a special spiritual power. The human body has seven chakras, also known as energy centers, which can cure the mind, body, and soul. A blocked chakra weakens our personality and destroys the human ability to sense danger. Let’s learn more about the specific crystals for chakras healing.


Root Chakra

As root chakra is responsible for the earthly connection, one may feel disconnected from Earth when it’s blocked. You are expected to face frequent financial issues when the root chakra is blocked. It not only ends spirituality but also causes hip pain and back pain.

The crystal recommended for unblocking root chakra is red or black crystals, such as black obsidian, ruby, smoky quartz, red jasper, garnet, etc. You can place the crystals nearby to your root chakra or feet area. Use them while meditating or resting.  Show patience when using crystals to let your body intake the energy of crystals.


Sacral Chakra

Your sacral chakra is blocked if you have a problem expressing your sexuality or not having creative thoughts. Infertility, urinary tract infection, and digestive disorders are health issues one may face when the sacral chakra is blocked. 

Orange and red crystals are used to unblock sacral chakra, such as orange calcite, Vanadinite, orange garnet, etc. It’s best to wear the crystals throughout the day to align the chakras. Place it on your sacral chakra during meditation or ritual bathing to unblock it.


Solar Plexus

It won’t be wrong to say that depression is the accurate indicator of a blocked solar plexus. When the solar plexus is blocked, one may suffer from career and self-esteem issues. Digestive disorders and blockage of masculine energy are the health problems caused due to the blockage of sun energy.

Yellow crystals are the keys to opening a blocked solar plexus chakra. Yellow crystals such as amber, yellow jasper, golden calcite, yellow apatite, and citrine have the incredible power to heal compassion, responsibility, protection, and intellect. Place the yellow crystal on the solar plexus chakra and use it in places with water to produce solar vibrations.


Heart Chakra

When the heart chakra is blocked, a person faces self-hate, trust issues, and relationship complications. The feeling of hopelessness and isolation arise when the heart chakra is blocked. The health problems caused by blockage of the heart chakra include upper-back pain and heart-lung disorders.

Green and pink crystals are best for the healing heart chakra, such as green aventurine, rose quartz, rhodochrosite, malachite, etc. These stones help maintain emotional balance, inner peace, love, and empathy. Place the crystal on your heart while meditating.


Throat Chakra

Blockage of the throat chakra results in improper conversation and difficulty expressing thoughts and speaking the truth. Jaw pain, thyroid, throat, and digestive problems may occur due to blockage of the throat chakra. 

Blue crystals work amazingly in throat chakra healing, such as turquoise, sodalite, blue calcite, aquamarine, and blue kyanite. These stones have the healing qualities of communication, honesty, and self-expression. The best way to unblock throat chakra with the help of blue crystals is to wear them as a necklace. 


Third Eye

Your spiritual connection and the ability to see the other world and beauty around you gets blocked when the third eye chakra is unaligned. When the third eye chakra is blocked, one may suffer from brain disorders, headaches, eye problems and overwhelming thoughts.

Purple and dark blue crystals help unblock the third eye chakra, such as azurite, blue tiger's eye, tanzanite, amethyst and sugilite etc. Use the blue crystal while lying down, placing it on your third eye and feeling the energetic vibrations. 


Crown Chakra

If you have started losing faith in God, there’s a high probability that your crown chakra will be blocked. Blocked crown chakra makes a person feel alone, unlucky and sad in the whole universe. Mental health issues, headaches and autoimmune disorder signals a blocked crown chakra.

White and violet crystals are used to unblock the crown chakra, such as clear quartz, selenite, white calcite, Herkimer diamond, amethyst etc. Place the crystals on the top of your head while meditating or tasking rest to unblock the crown chakra.


Tips for Using Crystals to Unblock Chakras

Crystal works effectively when used with instructions. Following are the tips to keep and use healing crystals for chakras:

  • Wear a jewelry piece made of crystal or carry it in your pocket to keep it with you all the time. 
  • The most effective times for using crystals are while meditating, bathing and lying down.
  • Make sure to clear your crystals with past contaminants by placing them on the salt bed before wearing them.
  • Keep thinking about your goal of wearing crystal while holding it to enhance the positive energy.
  • At least hold your crystal for 15 minutes to regulate the energy flow in your body.


Bottom Line

The purpose of stating crystals/chakras details is to improve your life by removing complications. You are ready to use crystals after reading this article on “How to unblock 7 chakras with 7 crystals?” Don’t keep reusing the crystals without cleaning them. Else you will not be able to get rid of your negative energies by unblocking your chakras.


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