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14 Best Background Music Tracks for Your Guided Meditation

Posted by Narek Mirzaei on

I am the head composer at Music Of Wisdom, a music production studio specializing in creating royalty-free background music for guided meditation. I curated this list of the 14 best background music tracks for guided meditation to help you realize your next guided meditation project. These tracks are our bestsellers, and I chose each track for its usability, popularity, uniqueness, and composition style. For each track, I will provide a brief description as well as examples of the types of guided meditation in which it can be used. You can download each track by clicking the red "Download Now" button.

Without further ado, let's get started.


1- Serenity - Part I & II

Perfect for those seeking a calm escape, "Serenity - Part I & II" offers extremely gentle music ideal for sleep and relaxation. This track is designed to create a peaceful atmosphere that helps dissolve stress and encourage a restorative state of mind, making it a cornerstone for any relaxation or sleep-focused meditation practice.


2- The Cosmic Healer

"The Cosmic Healer" is crafted to harness and attract cosmic energy, enhancing spiritual connectivity. This track is a powerful tool for those looking to deepen their spiritual practice and connect with the vast energies of the universe, making it perfect for meditative sessions focused on energy work and cosmic exploration.


3- Breathe Deeply

Tailored for breathwork, "Breathe Deeply" encourages mindfulness and deep breathing. This track supports a variety of breathing techniques, helping to reduce stress, improve respiratory strength, and enhance overall mental clarity. It’s an essential companion for practices that focus on mindful breathing and relaxation.


4- A Spiritual Transcendence - 6Hz Theta Waves

Infused with 6Hz theta waves, this track is designed to facilitate a state of deep meditation and spiritual transcendence. It is ideal for those looking to explore deeper levels of consciousness and achieve significant mental relaxation through meditation enhanced by theta brainwave stimulation.


5- Soul Surrender

"Soul Surrender" provides deep meditation music that invites you to explore profound levels of inner peace and mindfulness. This track is perfect for practitioners seeking to deeply connect with their inner self and explore the transformative power of meditation.


6- The Higher Mind

Aimed at accessing the higher mind, this track is intertwined with concepts like consciousness expansion and cognitive enhancement. "The Higher Mind" is perfect for meditators who are looking to elevate their mental state and tap into higher cognitive processes through focused meditation practices.


7- I Will Hug You Forever

Embodying warmth and compassion, "I Will Hug You Forever" is ideal for practicing love-focused and heartful meditation. This track promotes feelings of love, acceptance, and emotional healing, making it a powerful choice for heart chakra meditations and practices centered around developing compassion and empathy.


8- Good Morning Nature

"Good Morning Nature" sets a serene tone for morning meditation. It’s designed to start your day with a sense of peace and mindfulness, integrating the tranquil sounds of nature to ground and center the listener, fostering a calm and focused mindset for the day ahead.


9- You Shall Heal - 528Hz Solfeggio Frequency

Tuned to the healing 528Hz Solfeggio frequency, known as the frequency of love and transformation, "You Shall Heal" supports physical, mental, and spiritual restoration. It’s ideal for meditation practices focused on healing and transformation, promoting a profound sense of well-being.


10- Cleanse Your Soul - 432Hz Music

Utilizing the harmonious 432Hz frequency, "Cleanse Your Soul" aims to align and balance your energy. This soothing track is perfect for those seeking a cleansing, soul-nurturing experience through meditation, helping to reduce stress and enhance emotional clarity.


11- Dreamy Piano

With its simple yet profoundly relaxing piano music, "Dreamy Piano" offers a tranquil backdrop for any meditation practice. This track is especially suited for those looking to calm their mind and indulge in moments of peace and serenity, aiding in stress relief and mental clarity.

Positive morning meditation music with piano.


12- Healing Voices

Featuring deep healing music, "Healing Voices" is composed to aid in the recovery of the mind, body, and spirit. This track is a prime choice for deep healing meditations, helping to mend emotional wounds and foster a healing environment for the listener.


13- Healing Bowls (Singing Bowl + 5Hz Theta Waves)

"Healing Bowls" combines the resonant sounds of singing bowls with 5Hz theta waves to create a deeply meditative and healing auditory experience. This track is designed to enhance meditation practices by promoting deep relaxation and facilitating access to subconscious layers of the mind. Ideal for those seeking to deepen their meditation, improve focus, and engage in profound spiritual healing, it helps in balancing the chakras and enhancing overall spiritual well-being.


14- Harmony Of The Divine

"Harmony of the Divine" is a spiritually enriching track that resonates with the frequencies of universal harmony. Designed to elevate your meditation experience, this music nurtures a deep connection with the divine elements. It's perfect for those seeking to achieve inner peace and a profound sense of oneness with the universe. By listening to this track, meditators can immerse themselves in a tranquil environment, facilitating a transcendent journey that aligns the soul with cosmic rhythms and divine energy.


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In Conclusion

Incorporating the right high-quality background music tracks into your guided meditation recordings adds depth and ambiance, enriching the overall experience for your listeners. Each track in this list has been carefully curated to enhance relaxation, promote mindfulness, and facilitate spiritual connection. By integrating these music recommendations, you can elevate your guided meditation sessions to new heights, fostering a profound sense of tranquility and inner harmony for your audience.


__Written by Music Of Wisdom team
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