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7.83Hz Pure Binaural Tones - Schumann Resonance

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Track Description

The natural frequency of the Earth, 7.83Hz, is said to be associated with a brainwave frequency that induces relaxation. Thus when the Earth is radiating this frequency, cell regeneration and healing start within the body naturally. Having a connection with Earth’s Frequency can help you feel grounded and enlightened.

This one-hour audio is the simulation of Earth's Frequency also known as Schumann Resonance using an audio engineering technique called Binaural Beats.

You can use this audio as it is or mix it with other music tracks. 

For the best experience, you need to wear headphones. 🎧

You can learn more about Earth Frequency and how it can affect you on our Wednesday Wisdom Blog:


Track Duration

  • 60 minutes 00 seconds

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