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Tantric Romance - MASTER Mix

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Track Description

This is the MASTER Mix of our four-part Tantric Romance series: Meditation music for practicing tantric intimate relationships.

The music is meant to create a peaceful and meditative atmosphere that allows partners to connect on a deeper level and focus on their breathing and physical sensations. It can also help partners synchronize their breathing and movements, allowing them to experience a greater sense of unity, connection, and intimacy. This music can be used as a tool for creating the right ambiance and atmosphere for tantric practices and can greatly enhance the overall experience of tantric romance.


What is included in the download?

You will receive Tantric Romance Master Mix, which is 36-minute long original composition. On top of that, you will also get all 4 parts separately; both short and long versions. 

  • Tantric Romance - MASTER Mix - 36 Minutes
  • Tantric Romance - Part I - Listen
  • Tantric Romance - Part II - Listen
  • Tantric Romance - Part III - Listen
  • Tantric Romance - Part IV - Listen


Audio Format

All the audio files are 192kbps MP3 format. Please note that these audio files are compressed into zip files to ensure secure and complete download delivery. After downloading, simply double-click the zip file to open it and reveal the MP3 files inside.

License Type

Royalty-free license. For more information on terms of use, refer to our licensing agreement. is owned and operated by MUSIC OF WISDOM
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