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Spirit Guide

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Track Description

The concept of a spirit guide varies among different belief systems and spiritual practices. Generally, a spirit guide is believed to be a non-physical entity that provides guidance, support, and assistance to an individual on their spiritual journey or in navigating life's challenges. Spirit guides are often thought to have a higher level of knowledge or wisdom and may be associated with different forms, such as animals, angels, ancestors, or even mythical beings.

Meeting your spirit guide is often approached through meditation, visualization, or other spiritual practices.

"Spirit Guide" is an immersive and tranquil meditation composition designed to facilitate a profound connection with one's spiritual self and the unseen realms. As the music unfolds, it gently guides listeners on a journey of introspection, inviting them to explore the ethereal dimensions where spirit guides are believed to reside.

Track Length

  • Long version: 61 minutes 00 seconds
  • Short version: 7 minutes 00 seconds

What is included in the download?

We know that most meditation projects require long pieces of music. So for your convenience, each track comes in 2 versions – long and short. They are named accordingly, and you are welcome to use both for your projects.

Audio Format

All the audio files are 320kbps MP3 format. Please note that these audio files are compressed into zip files to ensure secure and complete download delivery. After downloading, simply double-click the zip file to open it and reveal the MP3 files inside.

License Type

Royalty-free license. For more information on terms of use, refer to our licensing agreement. is owned and operated by MUSIC OF WISDOM
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