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White Noise, Pink Noise, Brown Noise, & More: What Are The Differences?

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Noises aren’t just the honks of cars on the road or the buzzing of a machine that distracts you from your work. You’d be surprised to know that certain noises can be beneficial for our functioning especially in terms of meditation and relaxation.

But what’s more surprising is that sound and colors are also related. So here we’ll be explaining how noises also hold colors and how these noise types help our bodies to focus, tune out distractions, improve sleep, and productivity.

Let’s explore the 7 main noise types, their features, frequencies and what happens when you listen to tracks with all these noises weaved together under specific frequencies to help your mind focus and relax better.

 White Noise, Pink Noise, Brown Noise, & More for Relaxation & Sleep

1. White Noise: For Promoting Focus in Meditation

Just like white light contains all colors in the rainbow spectrum, white noise also features the full spectrum coverage unlike other colors that cover only part of this sound-color-spectrum. White noise produces the sound of every frequency that is audible that is being played at the same volume or amplitude.

The result of this isn’t what you’d imagine to be a harsh static with all the different noises blended together. Rather, it’s a calming sound, though slightly high pitched, and usually played in the background to neutralize the different distracting noises. It’s usually played for better sleep or for promoting deep relaxation which is essential to effective meditation and stress-relief.


2. Pink Noise: For Stress-Relief

Pink noise is produced with a random combination of all the frequencies that you can hear, but with the lower frequencies containing more power. Compared to white noise, it sounds more pleasant because of its balanced volume across the frequencies. This is why it has a slightly lower pitch so it feels softer.

You can find pink noise in nature like rain, winds, and even in some parts of bird songs. A study found that people felt less stressed hearing pink noise compared to listening to the noises in an intensive care unit. The best use for pink noise is to relax before sleeping, so if you tend to meditate at that time, it’s going to improve your sleep quality as well as release all the day-long tension in the body. Incorporating pink noise into your morning frequency music routine can also set a calming tone for the day ahead.


3. Brown Noise: Benefits for Relaxation & Focus

Brown noise, also called red noise, is similar to pink noise but it goes an extra mile to bring down its higher frequencies. It sounds a bit rough, more like rumbling, compared to pink noise and is close to the sound of strong winds or strong river currents.

Brown noise is great for promoting concentration, so if you struggle to stay focused at relaxing yourself during your meditation or yoga sessions, then you might find this handy. Not just that but people also find this noise color very effective to combat insomnia-like symptoms.


4. Blue Noise: Makes Better Meditation Music

This noise may not seem as relaxing as pink or white noise with its power increasing proportionally with every frequency it contains. It sounds shriller due the high frequencies being louder and is ideal in the process of music recording for the step called dithering.

Being biased towards the higher frequencies, you’ll hear a high-pitched hiss entirely lacking any bass. But it’s great for smoothing out the sound of a music track, filtering out any distortions. This is why you should choose tracks with blue noise for meditation or yoga.


5. Purple Noise: For Auditory Relaxation

Purple noise or violet noise creates a sound which increases in volume when it hits higher frequencies. Purple noise sounds somewhat similar to other types of spectral noise. You can think of it as the sound of water running from a faucet. It’s considered the opposite of Brown noise where the power of the sound goes down on higher frequencies.

Violet noise can be used to deal with tinnitus or other related hearing loss issues where people hear high-pitched frequencies so this noise helps mask and neutralize the sounds. Soundtracks that use purple noise for dithering can promote sleep and relaxation.


6. Gray Noise: Aids in Relaxing in Sensory Overload

Gray noise is much like pink noise, sounding the same at any frequency, but there’s a uniqueness about it- everyone hears it differently and hence there’s no single example of it to agree on. It’s also known to calibrate with our ears better than other noises.

It’s most commonly used by doctors to treat tinnitus as well as those who are hypersensitive to everyday sounds. So it’s obvious that Gray noise is used to reduce the stress of sensory overload and promote relaxation.


7. Green Noise: Helps Trigger Stress-Relief

Green noise remains in the middle of the frequency spectrum with a limited range of frequency which centers around 500Hz. Green noise, ironically, sounds close to the ambience produced by nature.

Hence, it is known to provide a soothing and relaxing feel, best for those who struggle with falling asleep. So a short meditation with green noise playing in the background supposedly encourages a good quality sleep as opposed to turning and shifting position all night and getting no real sleep.


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 Brown Noise, Pink Noise, White Noise & More




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