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The 6 Best Meditation Music for Healing – Royalty-Free Collection

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Meditation music can be a deeply healing experience; both the practice of meditation and the experience of listening to music can have amazing healing effects. The frequencies and intentional use of sound within meditation music can offer subtle yet potent and effective healing for the body, mind, and spirit. Within this article, we shall explore more into this topic of meditation music as a form of sound healing, how meditation music can facilitate healing, and an introduction to a collection of high-quality royalty-free healing meditation music compositions by Music Of Wisdom.



How can meditation music facilitate healing?

Meditation music can facilitate healing as it offers two effective healing practices: meditation and sound healing; both these practices can offer healing in various ways:



Listening to meditation music can easily guide a listener into a deep meditative state. It is intentionally composed to curate a guided meditative musical experience that can allow the listener to experience deep relaxation, upliftment, connection, and expansion: these states of being are conducive to the process of healing. Meditation is also a practice where one can get to know the self on a deeper level; this can allow us to acknowledge the root cause of our problems and find appropriate solutions to heal. A meditative state is also perfect for receiving energy healing; for working through blocks and intentionally welcoming in vital energy.

Sound Healing

Meditation music can be considered as a form of sound healing. Meditation music can be used tune our vibration. The frequencies within the meditation music from the intentionally mixed acoustic instruments and binaural tones can tune our brainwaves states to effect a state that is conducive to healing. You can learn more about sound healing by reading our blog post: Sound Healing Therapy: 7 Musical Instruments You Need.
The emotive quality of meditation music can impact and regulate our moods and emotions which can also allow for healing as we heal more easily when we are in a positive mood. Listening to meditation music while meditating or within a healing session can allow you access to the energetic and tangible healing power of both music and meditation. When you are in a meditative state you are more open to allow for deep healing. Meditation music can have a direct mental and emotional effect that can also manifest as a physical effect.

How to use royalty-free meditation music for healing?

Meditation music contains the frequencies and intentions that are deeply healing. This music can be used to enhance the effect of your healing offerings or as a potent healing practice itself. Meditation music can be utilized in combination with holistic healing therapies as background music or energy flow for added powerful sound healing effects. It can also be used as an effective and easily accessible personal healing tool. This music can be used within in-person healing sessions as well as remote or online healing sessions.

Royalty-free meditation music collection

The following are a collection of royalty-free healing meditation music tracks from the Meditation Music Library website by Music Of Wisdom:

You Shall Heal

This composition is tuned to the restorative healing frequency of 528Hz. It is an uplifting meditation music track that also includes soothing ocean sounds and angelic vocals.

Cleanse Your Soul

This healing and uplifting meditation track is tuned to 432Hz (you can learn more about this frequency within our blog article: Royalty-free 432Hz Music).

Heart Alignment

This is a peaceful meditation track that offers heart and soul healing through energetic alignment.

The Healing Winds

This track includes the healing music of the flute as well as the choir. It is intended for deep meditation.

Timeless Earth

This is a deeply calming composition for deep meditation and healing with angelic vocals, piano, and cello music.

Healing Voices

This meditation music track is composed with ocean wave sound and choir. It can be used for deeply healing meditation.

With the purchase of any of these high-quality meditation music tracks, you will receive a long and short version of the composition as well as a royalty-free and commercial use license in alignment with the Music Of Wisdom licensing agreement. You can get in touch with Music Of Wisdom if you require mixing assistance or custom composed healing meditation music.


Utilize these compositions with intention, presence, and practice to fully receive the healing frequencies of these beautiful and powerful meditation music tracks.
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