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Royalty-Free Sleep Music

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Sleep is one of the absolute necessities for human health and optimal functioning. The quality of sleep that we have has a direct and immediately tangible impact on our mental, physical and emotional health. Sleep is something that can come naturally but for some people, it is a daily struggle to get good quality sleep or any sleep at all. It has been found that a simple and accessible solution to improving sleep is listening to or meditating with intentionally composed relaxing sleep music. Within this article, we shall explore just how relaxing sleep music can help and benefit your quality of sleep, we will also introduce a collection of sleep music by Music Of Wisdom and a few suggested ways that you can utilize these royalty-free sleep music tracks.


Royalty free sleep meditation music collection. Royalty free and commercial use download available


Benefits Of Sleep Music

Sleep music created for relaxation and meditation contains specific frequencies, instruments and natural night sounds that help listeners relax at the deepest level to prepare and enter into a deeply restful and rejuvenating sleep. The following are some of the effects and benefits of sleep music:


  • Sleep music Increases relaxation

This music is soft and designed for passive listening and sleep meditation as listeners prepare for and enter into a state of sleep. Sleep music is composed with music from instruments such as piano that relaxes and soothes the mind, body and spirit. This allows listeners to tune to a relaxed vibration. This can allow us to fall asleep easier as well as to enter into a deep sleep as the mind and body have been deeply intentionally relaxed in preparation for sleep.


  • Sleep music can entrain optimal brainwave states

Sleep music that contains powerful embedded binaural beats can tune the brain of listeners to the brainwave states that are optimal for deep relaxation, rest and sleep. The track Bright Moon from Meditation Music Library website contains Delta waves. When in the delta brainwave state our awareness of the physical world is decreased and we are able to experience the deepest stages of sleep and relaxation. You can learn more about the effects, benefits and workings of delta waves in our previous blog post: Royalty-Free Binaural Music: Delta Waves


  • Sleep music is an easy natural solution

Relaxation and meditation music for sleep is a really easy solution to healing or improving sleep experience. Often people who struggle with sleep are prescribed medication such as sleeping pills which is not a healthy long term solution. Sleep music is easily accessible, natural and has no harmful side effects while it relaxes and guides listeners into deep and restful sleep. It can be utilized as long as it is needed and it can be a very enjoyable solution.
  • Sleep music increases quality of sleep

It has been observed that listening to sleep music can improve the quality of sleep in many aspects. Listening to the right sleep music can help you to fall asleep faster and have a deeper uninterrupted sleep which can allow you to wake feeling more rested.
  • Sleep music contains nature sounds that are of many benefits

Deep sleep music often includes nature sounds and night sounds and this is because of the amazing benefits that listening to music with nature sounds has to offer. Benefits such as deeper relaxation, soothing, calming, comforting and grounding effects can all contribute to the optimal state for experiencing deep sleep. If you are interested in more details on the benefits and effects of music with nature sounds you can read the blog post: Royalty-Free Relaxing Music With Nature Sounds.

Royalty-Free Sleep Meditation Music Bundle

This is a collection of sleep relaxation and meditation music. Each track as well as all of these tracks as a bundle is available on Meditation Music Library website by Music of Wisdom. The bundle is currently on sale for just $199 for all 7 tracks


It Is Night Time Again

This is a deep sleep music track that includes relaxing and guiding piano music.


Heaven Is Here

This is a positive meditation music composition that also includes piano music.


Rain Of Peace

This is a sleep meditation music track that includes the sound of rain fall. It has a deeply peaceful vibration.


Bright Moon

This composition is intended as a deep sleep music track. It contains powerful binaural beats tuned to 2Hz delta waves as well as piano music and sounds of the night.


The Peaceful Breeze

This is a deeply calming sleep meditation music composition that includes sounds of the ocean and angelic vocals.


Mind-Body Calmness

This is a meditative ambient track that includes soothing rain sounds.


Goodnight Day

This track is intended as sleep meditation music and it includes piano music and night sounds.


Sleep Meditation - Relaxing Music Collection

Our best collection of sleep meditation music tracks for deep relaxation and sleep. The bundle includes 7 music tracks.

Royalty free sleep meditation music collection. Royalty free and commercial use download available



Uses For Royalty-Free Sleep Music

Including intentionally composed high quality sleep music into your bedtime routine or practices can seriously upgrade your quality of sleep. You can utilize the royalty-free sleep music bundle tracks for personal use or within your professional offerings related to sleep such as guided sleep meditations and sleep healing offerings to relax your listeners into a deeply restful sleep. Sleep music can be listened to as bedtime music before sleep, in the bed, or even during sleep.


Taking care of the quality of your sleep will immediately improve the quality of your life. Sleep is a time where our bodies heal and rejuvenate on both a physical and energetic level. You don’t only need to use these tracks if you have a problem but you can use royalty-free deep sleep music to maintain and deepen your sleep experiences. This music is intentionally composed and ideal for meditation and relaxation that will naturally guide you into a state of rest and rejuvenating deep sleep!


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