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Royalty-Free Music for Heart Healing Meditation

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Music can be a wonderfully effective tool to utilize for heart healing. Music within meditation or guided meditation for heart healing can have even deeper and more effective healing. The vibrational effects that intentionally composed heart healing music can offer are healing frequencies and positive uplifting emotions that are felt within the heart during meditation. In this article, we will learn more about heart healing; the energetics of the heart, how music and meditation can heal the heart, and in closing an offering of high-quality royalty-free compositions created specifically for heart healing meditation by Music Of Wisdom.

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The Energetics of the Heart

The organ and energy that we know as our heart and heart space resonate with immense power. We all know that the heart is of vital necessity for our physical survival but it is also of great necessity for our emotional and spiritual experience of existence. The heart is actually the first organ that appears as we are manifesting into form as a baby. The heart is widely considered a space where love, connection, and subtle yet powerful energy are generated and emanate from. The heart can also be considered as the physical organ linked to the heart chakra. The heart chakra is the energy center within each of our chakra systems that are said to govern our sense of calm, peace, emotional balance, trust, empathy, forgiveness, and of course: love. When we open, unblock, reenergize and align our heart chakra this can affect deep healing and expansion. We can open our heart chakra through heart-opening meditations.


Studies have shown that our beating hearts produce a strong electromagnetic field that has the power to energetically interact with those around us. Research by the HeartMath Institute has proved how the emotions we experience directly affect the rhythm of our heart, the quality or coherence of our heartbeat. The rhythms and health of our heartbeat can also affect how we experience emotions. Having a healthy heart on both a physical and energetic level is so important as the heart plays a huge role in determining how we experience life, the quality of our connections and our ability to fully feel the amazing range of emotions that human experience has to offer.



How Can Meditation & Music Heal the Heart?

Meditation and music can assist with the vibrational and energetic healing of your heart. When we understand that emotions can affect our heartbeat rhythms and in turn our quality of emotional experience and life it is then easier to understand why music and meditation are such powerful tools for heart healing.

Music can take us on a journey that guides our emotional experience and so music that is composed with the intention of insighting positive and uplifting emotions can help heal the heart; when we feel positive emotions, we feel good and this radiates within and from the heart. Research has also shown that when a positive feeling is experienced the heart starts to beat with more coherent and healthy patterns; allowing for optimal functioning which can contribute to improved general wellbeing and healing.
Meditation contributes to heart healing as it can be deeply relaxing: a relaxed state of a being is a state that is optimal for healing. Meditation can allow us to tap into energetic and emotional states in which we can intentionally, subconsciously, rhythmically, emotionally and energetically heal our hearts.

Listening to intentionally composed healing music and meditating can have the effect of relaxation and intentionally welcoming in uplifting and loving energy; this can reduce stress related hormones, lower blood pressure and heart rate which can all contribute to overall improved heart wellness.



Royalty-free Music for Heart Healing

The following are a few high-quality royalty-free tracks from Meditation Music Library that have been intentionally composed by Music of Wisdom specifically for heart healing:


Heart Alignment

This composition is perfect for starting the day in heart alignment, it is intended as a morning meditation track that is peaceful and heart-centered.




The 7 Healers Vol. 1 - Heart Chakra

This composition forms a part of The 7 Healers Volume 1 Chakra Bundle specifically focusing on the heart chakra. It is perfect for a deep heart healing meditation.



Heart Of The Ocean

This heart healing composition includes piano music and soothing ocean wave sounds. It is a powerful and positive morning meditation track.




Deep In My Heart

This is a composition is intended for deep meditation and heart healing. It includes beautifully emotional cello music.




A Pure Heart

This is a positive heart healing meditation music composition that includes piano music. It is a lovely heart opening meditation track to start the day.




You can enjoy using this high-quality royalty-free healing music within your guided meditations and holistic heart healing offerings, this high-quality music can be used as background music in person or mixed within your recordings. You can also utilize heart healing meditation music within your personal meditation and heartfulness practices. Enjoy the amazing experience of living from an open, aligned and healthy heart!
__Written by Music Of Wisdom team
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