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No Copyright VS Free Meditation Music Download

Posted by Narek Mirzaei on

While the idea of copyright-free meditation music may seem appealing, it's essential to exercise caution and discernment in its selection and usage. Simply put, not all purportedly copyright-free music may be genuinely free from copyright restrictions or suitable for meditation purposes. In this discourse, we delve into the nuanced considerations surrounding the use of copyright-free meditation music, highlighting the importance of diligent sourcing, quality assessment, legal compliance, and ethical integrity. At the end, we will offer a "true" free meditation music resource by Music Of Wisdom.


The Difference Between "No Copyright" and "Free" Meditation Music

No copyright music refers to music that either isn't protected by copyright or is explicitly released into the public domain by the creator. It means that you can use the music for any purpose without worrying about copyright infringement. However, it's essential to verify the copyright status and licensing terms to ensure compliance.

Free meditation music download on the other hand refers to music specifically designed for meditation purposes that the creator offers for free download. While the music may be free to download, it doesn't necessarily mean it's free from copyright. The creator may still retain copyright ownership but choose to distribute the music for free. In such cases, you may need to adhere to certain terms of use specified by the creator, such as giving credit, not using it for commercial purposes, or not modifying the music.


⚠️ Do NOT Use "No Copyright" Meditation Music 

I strongly advise against using copyright-free music for your meditation and yoga business, including creating guided meditation recordings, YouTube videos unless you are absolutely confident about the source of the music you are utilizing.

Here are three reasons you should exercise caution when downloading and using no-copyright relaxing music.

  1. Validity of Source: Without clear verification of the source and authenticity of the music, there's a risk of unknowingly using copyrighted material. Some individuals may falsely claim that music is copyright-free when it's not, potentially leading to legal issues for those who use it without proper authorization.

  2. Legal Implications: Even if music is labeled as copyright-free, it's essential to review the terms and conditions associated with its use. Some copyright-free licenses may have specific requirements or restrictions, such as providing attribution to the creator, not using it for commercial purposes, or prohibiting modifications. Failing to adhere to these terms could result in legal consequences, despite the music being labeled as copyright-free.

  3. Potential for Misattribution: Without proper verification of the source and ownership of copyright-free meditation music, there's a risk of misattributing the work to the wrong creator or entity. This could lead to misunderstandings within the creative community and deprive the original creator of deserved recognition for their work. Ensuring the accuracy of attribution is essential for maintaining transparency and integrity in the use of creative content.


👉 Free Meditation Music Download (3 Hours)

Music Of Wisdom offers a 3 hours free meditation music aiming to assist meditation creators, yoga teachers, spiritual coaches, and video creators with top-notch royalty-free music for their projects. It's an excellent resource for beginners, offering unique and high-quality music that's free of any upfront fees or royalties. This music adds an essential layer of sound energy and vibrational alignment to your offerings.

What Can the Free Meditation Music Bundle Be Used For?

Here are some ways you can utilize the free meditation music:

  • Use it in projects requiring royalty-free music.
  • Mix it with spoken word for guided meditations or in-person sessions.
  • Utilize it as ambient or sound healing music during reiki or energy healing sessions.
  • Employ it as background music in suitable video projects.
  • Play it during in-person or online yoga classes.
  • Use it for personal relaxation, meditation, and enjoyment.

What Does the Free Meditation Music Bundle Include?

Each track by Music Of Wisdom is skillfully created using acoustic and organic instruments, with a deep spiritual and energetic awareness. You'll receive three tracks in the initial bundle:

🧡 1. The Inner Calling 

💙 2. Our Peaceful Ocean 

How to Download the Free Meditation Music Bundle?

Each track includes a royalty-free and commercial use license, ready for immediate utilization within your projects. Download your free meditation music bundle now by clicking the "Download Now" button. By downloading, you'll subscribe to the Music Of Wisdom monthly newsletter, receiving royalty-free music every month.

Feel free to use the music as you begin, and when you're ready to enhance your offerings further, consider ordering from Music Of Wisdom's Meditation Music Library, requesting custom composed royalty-free music, or utilizing the professional mixing service. You can also access bi-weekly free music by subscribing to Music Of Wisdom Patreon.


__Written by Music Of Wisdom team
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