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List of All Healing Frequencies: A Comprehensive Guide

Posted by Narek Mirzaei on

Embarking on a journey through the realms of sound, spirituality, and metaphysics, this comprehensive exploration navigates the diverse frequencies associated with Solfeggio tones, angelic realms, planetary energies, and more. Each frequency carries symbolic significance, purportedly influencing our mental, emotional, and spiritual states. Beginning with the Solfeggio Frequencies and their alignment with chakras, the article progresses to Quantum healing frequencies, explores additional Solfeggio frequencies, delves into brainwave entrainment frequencies, touches upon Nikola Tesla's 3-6-9 frequencies, and concludes with the resonance attributed to celestial bodies and the Earth's heartbeat. Whether considered as tools for healing, spiritual awakening, or a harmonic connection to the universe, these frequencies weave a tapestry of metaphysical exploration.

 All healing frequencies. The complete list

Solfeggio Frequencies & Corresponding Chakras

396 Hz – Liberating Frequency | Root Chakra:

This frequency is associated with the Root Chakra, aiming to liberate and release negative energy. It promotes a sense of grounding, security, and stability. It is often used for overcoming fear, guilt, and other emotions that may hinder personal growth.

417 Hz – Resonating Frequency | Sacral Chakra:

Aligned with the Sacral Chakra, 417 Hz is believed to resonate with emotions, creativity, and passion. It helps in breaking negative patterns and facilitating positive change. This frequency is associated with freeing oneself from past traumas and promoting a harmonious flow of energy.

528 Hz – Love Frequency | Solar Plexus Chakra:

Known as the Love Frequency, 528 Hz is linked to the Solar Plexus Chakra. It is believed to promote healing and transformation, fostering love and compassion. This frequency is associated with DNA repair and is often used for promoting balance and positive energy.

639 Hz – Connecting Frequency | Heart Chakra:

Associated with the Heart Chakra, 639 Hz is considered a connecting frequency. It aims to enhance communication, understanding, and harmony in relationships. This frequency is often used to promote compassion, forgiveness, and the healing of emotional wounds.

741 Hz – Awakening Frequency | Throat Chakra:

Tied to the Throat Chakra, 741 Hz is believed to be an awakening frequency. It focuses on self-expression, clarity, and communication. This frequency is often used to promote problem-solving, enhance intuition, and stimulate personal growth.

852 Hz – Intuition Frequency | Third Eye Chakra:

Linked with the Third Eye Chakra, 852 Hz is associated with intuition and spiritual insight. It aims to activate and open the Third Eye, enhancing one's perception and intuition. This frequency is often used in meditation practices to deepen spiritual awareness.

963 Hz – Frequency of the Universe | Crown Chakra:

Connected to the Crown Chakra, 963 Hz is considered the frequency of the universe. It is associated with oneness, cosmic consciousness, and spiritual connection. This frequency is often used in spiritual practices to elevate consciousness and promote a sense of unity with the universe.


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The frequencies 432 Hz, 528 Hz, 639 Hz, 741 Hz, and 852 Hz are also referred to as Quantum healing frequencies or sacred frequencies in various holistic and spiritual practices.

Advocates of these frequencies believe that they possess unique vibrational qualities that can impact the mind, body, and spirit positively. The idea is rooted in the belief that sound waves at these specific frequencies resonate with the natural vibrations of the universe, promoting healing, balance, and spiritual awakening.

Proponents suggest that exposure to these sacred frequencies through music, meditation, or sound therapy can stimulate a harmonious resonance within the body, aligning with the principles of quantum healing. While scientific evidence supporting specific healing properties of these frequencies is limited, many individuals find comfort and a sense of well-being when incorporating them into their spiritual and healing practices. Ultimately, the perception of these frequencies as "quantum healing" or "sacred" reflects a holistic approach to well-being that integrates sound, energy, and spirituality.

Additional Solfeggio Frequencies

174 Hz – Foundation Frequency:

The 174 Hz frequency is often referred to as the Foundation Frequency. It is believed to resonate with the foundational aspects of life, promoting a sense of security, stability, and inner strength. This frequency is associated with grounding energy and is utilized in practices aiming to establish a solid foundation for personal growth and well-being.

285 Hz – Healing Frequency:


Recognized as the Healing Frequency, 285 Hz is thought to have therapeutic properties. It is often used for promoting physical healing, emotional balance, and overall well-being. This frequency is associated with the restoration of tissues and cells, making it a key element in various holistic healing modalities.

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1074 Hz – Spiritual Frequency:

The 1074 Hz frequency is considered a Spiritual Frequency. It is associated with higher consciousness, spiritual growth, and connection to the divine. Practitioners believe that exposure to this frequency can facilitate spiritual experiences, deepening one's understanding of the self and the universe.

1174 Hz – Balance Frequency:

Known as the Balance Frequency, 1174 Hz is believed to harmonize and balance energy within the body and mind. It is often used to restore equilibrium, both emotionally and energetically. This frequency is thought to help individuals find a sense of peace and balance amidst life's challenges.

1152 Hz – Spiritual Purification:

The 1152 Hz frequency is associated with spiritual purification. It is believed to cleanse and purify the mind, body, and spirit, facilitating a release of negative energies and promoting a sense of clarity. This frequency is often used in practices aimed at spiritual purification and inner transformation.

2172 Hz – Spiritual Enlightenment:

Considered a frequency for Spiritual Enlightenment, 2172 Hz is associated with higher states of consciousness and profound spiritual experiences. Advocates believe that exposure to this frequency can aid in expanding awareness, promoting enlightenment, and fostering a deeper connection to the spiritual dimensions of existence. It is often used in meditation and spiritual practices for seekers on a path of self-discovery and enlightenment.

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Brainwave Entrainment Frequencies: Binaural & Isochronic Beats

These are the different brainwave frequencies, each associated with specific mental states. Here's a brief description for each:

Delta (0.5 to 4 Hz):

Delta brainwaves are associated with deep sleep and the unconscious mind. They dominate during the deepest stages of sleep, promoting restorative rest and rejuvenation. Delta waves are also linked to the healing and regeneration processes within the body.

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Theta (4 to 8 Hz):

Theta brainwaves are present during light sleep, deep relaxation, meditation, and creative states. This frequency is often associated with vivid imagery, enhanced intuition, and a sense of spiritual connection. Theta waves play a crucial role in accessing the subconscious mind.

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Alpha (8 to 12 Hz):

Alpha brainwaves are present in a relaxed and wakeful state, such as during meditation or a state of calm alertness. They are associated with a relaxed focus, creativity, and reduced stress. Alpha waves are often considered a bridge between conscious and subconscious states.

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Beta (12 to 30 Hz):

Beta brainwaves are associated with active, analytical thought and are dominant during wakefulness. They are linked to logical thinking, problem-solving, and heightened alertness. Higher beta frequencies may indicate stress or anxiety, while lower beta frequencies are associated with focused, relaxed attention.

Gamma (30 to 100 Hz):

Gamma brainwaves are associated with heightened mental activity and are present during cognitive processes such as perception, problem-solving, and learning. They are linked to moments of insight and peak mental performance. Gamma waves are often associated with increased mental acuity and may play a role in consciousness and overall cognitive function.

Nikola Tesla 3-6-9 Frequencies

The association of the frequencies 333 Hz, 639 Hz, and 999 Hz with Nikola Tesla's 3-6-9 sequence is a concept that has gained popularity in certain spiritual and alternative medicine communities. While it's important to note that these specific frequencies are not scientifically proven to have unique properties or associations with Tesla's theories, some individuals find symbolic significance in aligning them with Tesla's ideas. Here's a brief exploration:

333 Hz:

In the context of the 3-6-9 sequence, 333 Hz may be associated with the number 3. The number 3 is considered significant in various spiritual and esoteric traditions, representing balance, harmony, and completion. This frequency might be used in practices aimed at achieving a sense of balance or alignment in one's life.

639 Hz:

Corresponding to the number 6 in the 3-6-9 sequence, 639 Hz is often associated with themes of harmony, relationships, and communication. Some practitioners use this frequency for fostering positive connections, improving interpersonal relationships, and achieving a sense of balance in social interactions.

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999 Hz:

Aligned with the number 9, 999 Hz may be seen as representing completion, transformation, and spiritual enlightenment. This frequency could be used in practices aimed at spiritual development, self-discovery, and reaching a higher level of consciousness.

It's important to approach these associations with an understanding that they are more symbolic and spiritual rather than scientifically validated. Sound frequencies can have subjective effects on individuals, and the perceived benefits may be influenced by personal beliefs and experiences. Always exercise caution and discernment when exploring alternative practices, and consider consulting with qualified professionals for evidence-based approaches to well-being.

Angel Frequencies

The concept of "Angel Frequencies" is often associated with spiritual and metaphysical beliefs, particularly in numerology and angelic symbolism. Here's a brief exploration of the frequencies 111 Hz, 222 Hz, 333 Hz, and 444 Hz in this context:

111 Hz:

The number 111 is often associated with new beginnings, creation, and spiritual awakening. In the context of 111 Hz, it may be used to promote a sense of clarity, alignment, and connection with higher consciousness. Some believe that this frequency can assist in manifesting positive changes and spiritual growth.

222 Hz:

The number 222 is commonly associated with balance, harmony, and partnerships. In the context of 222 Hz, it may be utilized to encourage a sense of balance and harmony within oneself and in relationships. This frequency is often considered supportive in promoting a peaceful and cooperative environment.

333 Hz:

The number 333 is often associated with the presence of angels and divine guidance. In the context of 333 Hz, it may be used to enhance spiritual awareness, intuition, and communication with higher realms. Some believe that this frequency can facilitate a deeper connection with spiritual guides and angels.

444 Hz:

The number 444 is associated with protection, guidance, and the presence of angels. In the context of 444 Hz, it may be used for creating a sense of protection, promoting a feeling of security, and inviting positive energy. This frequency is often seen as a sign of divine presence and support.

Higher Angelic Frequencies

The concept of "Higher Angelic Frequencies" is often rooted in spiritual and metaphysical beliefs, associating specific frequencies with angelic symbolism and numerology. Here's a brief exploration of the frequencies 555 Hz, 666 Hz, 777 Hz, and 888 Hz in this context:

555 Hz:

The number 555 is often associated with significant changes, transformation, and divine guidance. In the context of 555 Hz, it may be used to support individuals going through transitions, encouraging adaptability, and promoting positive transformation. Some see it as a frequency that aligns with the guidance of higher forces during times of change.

666 Hz:

The number 666 has historically been associated with various interpretations, including angelic realms. In the context of 666 Hz, it may be used to explore themes of balance, harmony, and spiritual integration. Some practitioners may consider this frequency as a tool for aligning with higher energies and transcending dualities.

777 Hz:

The number 777 is often associated with spiritual awakening, divine guidance, and alignment with higher truths. In the context of 777 Hz, it may be used to deepen spiritual awareness, enhance intuition, and facilitate a connection with higher realms. Some believe that this frequency can support individuals on their spiritual journey.

888 Hz:

The number 888 is commonly associated with abundance, prosperity, and spiritual fulfillment. In the context of 888 Hz, it may be used to encourage a sense of abundance on various levels, including material, emotional, and spiritual wealth. Some practitioners see this frequency as a tool for attracting positive energies and aligning with divine prosperity.

    Schumann Resonance: 7.83 Hz (Earth's Heartbeat)

    7.83 Hz Schumann Frequency Music download

    The Schumann Resonance is a set of spectrum peaks in the extremely low-frequency (ELF) portion of the Earth's electromagnetic field. The fundamental frequency is around 7.83 Hz, often referred to as the Earth's heartbeat or pulse. Named after the German physicist Winfried Otto Schumann who predicted them in 1952, these resonances are primarily caused by the interaction between the atmosphere and the Earth's surface, as well as lightning discharges in the atmosphere.

    The Schumann Resonance is significant as it aligns closely with the frequency range of human brain waves during states of relaxation and meditation. Some individuals believe that exposure to these frequencies can have positive effects on mental and emotional well-being, promoting a sense of balance and harmony.

    While there is ongoing research into the potential effects of the Schumann Resonance on living organisms, it's important to note that scientific evidence supporting specific health benefits is limited. Nevertheless, the concept has gained popularity in certain alternative and holistic health communities, and some people incorporate exposure to these frequencies through practices like meditation or listening to recordings that simulate the Schumann Resonance. As with any health-related practice, it's advisable to approach it with an open mind and consult with qualified professionals for evidence-based guidance.

    Planet Frequencies

    The idea of assigning frequencies to planets is often rooted in esoteric or metaphysical beliefs rather than scientific evidence. However, in certain alternative and spiritual practices, these frequencies are associated with the vibrational energies or "tones" of different celestial bodies. It's important to note that these frequency assignments lack scientific validation, and the frequencies listed are not standard or widely accepted in the scientific community. Here's a brief exploration based on the provided frequencies:

    Earth (126.22 Hz):


    The Earth's frequency, 126.22 Hz, is sometimes associated with grounding, stability, and connection to the natural world. Some practitioners use this frequency in meditation or sound therapy to attune themselves to the energies of the Earth.

    Moon (210.42 Hz):

    The Moon's frequency, 210.42 Hz, may be linked to lunar energies, intuition, and emotions. In esoteric practices, it is sometimes considered a frequency that resonates with the feminine and subconscious aspects.

    Mercury (141.27 Hz):

    Mercury's frequency, 141.27 Hz, might be associated with communication, intellect, and mental agility. Some esoteric traditions attribute this frequency to qualities associated with the planet Mercury.

    Mars (144.72 Hz):

    Mars' frequency, 144.72 Hz, could be linked to energies of passion, courage, and assertiveness. In esoteric contexts, it may be associated with qualities symbolized by the planet Mars.

    Venus (221.23 Hz):

    Venus' frequency, 221.23 Hz, might be associated with love, beauty, and harmony. In esoteric beliefs, it is sometimes connected to the qualities attributed to the planet Venus.

    Jupiter (183.58 Hz):

    Jupiter's frequency, 183.58 Hz, may be linked to expansion, growth, and wisdom. In some esoteric traditions, it is considered a frequency associated with the qualities represented by Jupiter.

    Saturn (147.85 Hz):

    Saturn's frequency, 147.85 Hz, might be associated with discipline, structure, and responsibility. In esoteric practices, it could be connected to the energies attributed to Saturn.

    Uranus (207.36 Hz):

    Uranus' frequency, 207.36 Hz, may be linked to innovation, originality, and freedom. In certain esoteric interpretations, it could be associated with the qualities symbolized by Uranus.

    Neptune (211.44 Hz):

    Neptune's frequency, 211.44 Hz, might be associated with intuition, imagination, and spirituality. In esoteric contexts, it is sometimes connected to the energies attributed to Neptune.

    Pluto (140.25 Hz):

    Pluto's frequency, 140.25 Hz, could be linked to transformation, regeneration, and depth. In esoteric beliefs, it may be associated with the qualities symbolized by the planet Pluto.


    As we conclude this sonic odyssey, it becomes evident that the world of frequencies extends far beyond the realm of conventional understanding. From the liberating tones associated with chakras to the angelic frequencies believed to bring divine guidance, and from the planetary vibrations to the Earth's heartbeat resonating at the Schumann Resonance, each frequency offers a unique lens through which individuals explore spirituality and holistic well-being. Whether embraced in meditation, sound therapy, or as tools for self-discovery, these frequencies invite us to embark on a journey of introspection and connection with the mysteries of existence. While scientific validation may be elusive, the profound impact experienced by many underscores the significance of sound in our quest for balance, healing, and spiritual awakening.


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