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How to Transform Brainwave States Using Binaural Beats?

Posted by Narek Mirzaei on

We all know that listening to certain types of music can help us relax or focus, but did you know that you can use specific frequencies of sound to change your brainwave state?

Binaural Beats are a type of audio entrainment that can be used to induce different states of consciousness. In this blog post, we'll explore how to use binaural beats to transform your brainwave state and achieve specific goals. We'll also discuss some of the benefits of using binaural beats for self-improvement. So, whether you're looking to improve your focus, creativity, or relaxation skills, read on for tips on how to use binaural beats for mind enhancement!

How to Transform Brainwave States Using Binaural Beats?

What are binaural beats, and can they affect brainwaves?

Binaural means “Relating to Two Ears.” For creating binaural beats, two sounds of different frequencies are played separately in each ear, preferably through stereo headphones. The frequency difference between the two sounds creates a new beat in mind which is called the binaural beat.

For example, If we listen to a 415 Hz sound in the right ear and the 406 Hz sound in the left, we would hear a binaural beat with a frequency of 9 Hz, that is, the alpha brainwaves frequency range.

It would benefit you to learn about 3 Types of Brainwaves before learning about the effects of Binaural beats on them.  Various experiments on Binaural beats showed that Binaural beats stimulate the strength of certain brain waves just as the delta and theta brainwaves increment after listening to Binaural beats

Binaural beats can speed up or hold back many brain functions to control emotions, thoughts, and feelings. When adjusted to an appropriate frequency, binaural beats are believed to help the brain gradually shift from a faster, more alert state to a slower, more relaxed one.

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The advantage of binaural beats meditation music over traditional meditation music

For centuries meditation music has been used to relax and bring clarity of mind. While traditional meditation music is extremely useful, some people are turning to binaural beats meditation music for an even more powerful experience.

Unlike traditional meditation music, binaural beats meditation music exploits the way sound is processed by the brain and has been shown to have a greater positive effect on mental states. By combining different frequencies in each ear, binaural beats meditation music can induce a sense of relaxation and increase alpha, theta, delta and beta brain waves, leading to a heightened state of meditation. Research suggests that these qualities can also help with pain relief, stress reduction, enhanced creativity, improved focus and attention span.

Ultimately what makes binaural beats meditation music so effective is that it allows practitioners to reach deeper levels of meditation and thereby access greater psychological benefits. Therefore if you are looking for an even more effective meditative experience than traditional meditation music, binarual meditation music a try!

Binaural Beats and the Superior Olivary Complex

Another reason to choose binaural beats over traditional meditation is its positive effects on the Superior Olivary Complex. The first part of the brain, the superior olivary complex, processes the sound input in both ears. It also lowers the effects of loud sounds to protect the inner ear from damage. 

The superior olivary complex creates a binaural beat after receiving two sounds with different frequencies from both ears. It affects the neurons that change the brainwave pattern. Resultantly, some brainwaves are strengthened, and sound localization is improved.


How to use binaural beats?

To get started, binaural beats should be played through headphones at a quiet setting, without any other noise pollution. The binaural beat itself consists of two tones, with each tone being at a slightly different frequency. When these tones are heard through both ears, the brain perceives them as one single tone because the difference between frequencies stimulates one particular frequency in the brain. That frequency is called the binaural beat frequency and it can help to adjust your mental state depending on its speed.

Generally speaking, binaural beats that oscillate slowly can help induce relaxation while faster binaural beats are better suited for stimulating activity in the brain such as concentration or creative brainstorming. Achieving a positive result by using binaural beats can take some time and experimentation.

Below are some guideline and tips for each frequency and their benefits.

    For Sleep (Delta Waves - 0.1Hz to 4Hz)

    It is scientifically proven that binaural beats improve sleep. When a binaural beat at a delta range of 0.1Hz to 4 Hz is exposed to the brain, it induces a delta state of mind. Resultantly, a person gets into a deep sleep and feels refreshed in the morning. 


    For Relaxation (Theta Waves - 4Hz to 8Hz)

    For some people binaural beats can be the best soundwave therapy for relaxation. When a person listens to binaural beats of the frequency of 4 Hz to 8 Hz, his brainwaves slow down, leading him to a state of relaxation. Research conducted on binaural beats showed that binaural beats reduce anxiety and help people relax. Binaural beat treatment can be used to continue training your brain to stay within these soothing frequency ranges.

    For Focus (Alpha Waves - 8Hz to 13Hz)

    Binaural beats can also stimulate focus and concentration. To induce an alpha state of focus, listen to the binaural beats of 8 Hz to 13 Hz. Keep in mind that the human brain takes time to process the pattern of binaural beats.

    One has to listen to the binaural beats from beginning to end without skipping any part of the track. You can get the best collection of Delta, Theta, and Alpha binaural beats meditation music on Meditation Music Library official website.

    You can get the best collection of Delta, Theta, and Alpha binaural beats meditation music on Meditation Music Library official website.



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