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How To Find The Best Royalty Free Meditation Music

Posted by Narek Mirzaei on

Finding high-quality meditation and relaxation music that is the best-suited music for your projects can really take your offerings to the next level. Meditation Music Library website is intentionally designed so you can easily find the music you’re looking for. Meditation Music Library website offers over 1500 minutes of high-quality quality royalty-free meditation and relaxation music that is expertly composed by the music production company Music Of Wisdom. The tracks within the library offer a variety of genres, moods, nature sounds, sound healing, and activating binaural frequencies. Within this article, you shall learn how to easily navigate this library in order to source the best-suited sound for your projects.


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How to Navigate the Meditation Music Library to Find Your Music

All tracks from this library are royalty-free upon purchase and they have been utilized by creators of guided meditations, practitioners of various healing modalities, yoga teachers, and for video content creators. This is how you can use the Meditation Music Library to find meditation and relaxation music suited to your projects.


1. Filter tracks using the navigation bar

You can use the navigation bar along the left side of Meditation Music Library to filter all the tracks based on genre, mood, instruments, and nature sounds.

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2. Further refine your search

Once you have filtered your search using the navigation bar can use the ‘filter by‘ button located on the top right of the page to further filter and organize relevant tracks.

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Each category within the navigation bar will give you more options to choose from. For example, if you’re looking for a track for a guided meditation within nature you can click on nature sounds and then choose music with the natural environmental sounds that you like. You can also refine your search even further by clicking on the 'filter option on the top right-hand side above the cover art (as indicated by arrows in the image).


3. Search for music using keywords

You can use the search bar located at the top left-hand side of the website. You can type in specific keywords with the search bar. Examples of a few keywords you may search are theta waves, delta waves, ocean waves, or angelic vocals. The keywords will automatically filter and display relevant tracks for you to browse.

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4. Prelisten to tracks

You are able to prelisten to each track on the Music Meditation Library, you can do this to get a feel of the music before you purchase the high-quality royalty-free version. When you purchase a track from the library you will receive both a long and short version of each composition purchased. Listen to tracks by hovering above the cover art and clicking play.


5. Order a demo mix

If you’re still feeling unsure about which tracks will suit your project the best you can make use of the custom curation and professional mixing service. You can order a demo by scrolling about halfway down the homepage or by clicking here.

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6. Order custom composed music

If you can’t find what you’re looking for and want something specifically tailored to your needs, you can order custom meditation music. The price starts from 10$ per minute of high-quality original music. Scroll further down the homepage of the website or click here to order custom music.

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7. Take advantage of the bundle deals

If you are looking to purchase more than one track, be sure to check out the bundle deals. You can find a variety of bundles of themed tracks sold for a special price. Bundles such as The 7 Healers Vol. 1 - All Chakras Bundle and Binaural Music Collection - Alpha Waves are available for as little as $139.

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8. Subscribe as a patron

You can subscribe to Music Of Wisdom Patreon offering to receive short free meditation music downloads on a bi-weekly basis, personal consultations to help you choose the best music for your project as well as DIY tutorials for you to learn how to effectively mix and produce your own guided meditation.

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Don't Forget to Grab Your Gift!

As a gracious gift Music Of Wisdom offers 3 hours of royalty-free and high-quality meditation music for FREE! You can sign up and download by visiting the Music Of Wisdom official website

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Choosing the right music is one of the most important steps in creating a successful guided meditation project. We hope the information in this article helps you to navigate the Meditation Music Library in order to find music that is perfectly suited for your project and will improve the quality of your project.



__Written by Music Of Wisdom team


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