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How to Find & License Music for Yoga Classes

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If you're a yoga teacher, you know that finding the right music to accompany your classes is essential. Not only does it set the mood and create the right atmosphere, but the right yoga music can also help to deepen your students' yoga practice. However, finding quality yoga music that is also royalty-free can be a challenge. In this article, we'll explore what yoga music licensing is and how to find and license music for your yoga classes.


What is yoga music licensing and why do you need it?

If you are a yoga studio owner or yoga teacher, you may need to obtain yoga music licensing in order to play yoga music in your classes. Music licensing is the process of obtaining permission from the copyright holder to use a copyrighted song in your classes.

While yoga music licensing may seem like an unnecessary expense, yoga music licensing ensures that you have the legal right to play copyrighted music in your yoga studio or classes. Without the proper license, you could be liable for Copyright infringement.

Luckily, there is yoga music licensing companies that can help you obtain the licenses you need. These companies will often have a large catalog of yoga-specific music that you can choose from, and they can help you obtain the necessary licenses quickly and easily. Yoga music licensing is an important consideration for any yoga studio or teacher, so make sure that you take care of it before you start playing yoga music in your classes.


What are the different types of yoga music licenses?

There are a number of different licenses available for yoga music, depending on the type of content and how it will be used. For example, a basic practice license might allow for unlimited use of a single track during class, while a more comprehensive license might include rights for online streaming and distribution.

However, the most common license type for yoga class usage is a royalty-free license. Royalty-free licenses give you permission to play the music for your business without having to pay any recurring royalties, which can be helpful if you're on a budget. In other words, you only pay a one-time fee and you can use the music indefinitely.

However, there are also some royalty-free yoga music licenses that come with restrictions, so be sure to read the end-user license agreement before licensing any music tracks for your classes.


How can you find yoga music that is royalty-free?

One of the best places to license royalty-free yoga music is Meditation Music Library by Music Of Wisdom.

Royalty free meditation music download for yoga and meditation classes

The yoga music collection in Meditation Music Library is both royalty-free and high quality. The license is very flexible, and it allows you not only to play it in your yoga classes but also create content for online distribution such as guided meditation or yoga videos. You can learn more about all permitted uses in their End User License Agreement.

To help you get started, we've compiled a list of some of their bestselling yoga music tracks and bundles that are available for royalty-free licensing.

 Royalty free music the bestselling collection


How much does yoga music licensing cost?

The yoga music tracks in Meditation Music Libraries are very affordable. The typical cost of licensing is between $39 - $49. However, as a first-time customer, you can get a 20% off on your first order by using the promo code SAGE20.

Additionally, there are bundles available in case you are planning to license multiple tracks for your classes. By purchasing bundles you can get up to 50% off!


How to get started with yoga music licensing?

To start licensing yoga music, visit the Meditation Music Library's official website. You can listen to the tracks before licensing. Once you decided which track you want to license, you can simply purchase the track from the website. After making the purchase, you will automatically receive a royalty-free license as well as the link to download the mp3 audio files. All the tracks come with a 60-minute extended version.

If you're looking for yoga music that is both royalty-free and high quality, the Meditation Music Library by Music of Wisdom is a great place to start. With a large selection of yoga-specific tracks to choose from, this library makes it easy to find the perfect music for your classes. Licensing yoga music from this library also comes with a number of benefits, such as unlimited use during class and no recurring royalties. So if you're ready to add some new tracks to your yoga playlist, be sure to check out the Meditation Music Library by Music of Wisdom.


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