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3rd Eye Chakra: Understand it, Feel it, & Heal it

Posted by Narek Mirzaei on

There are many instances when our body feels as if our levels of perception, intuition, and thoughts are low. All of these motivating factors are controlled by the 3rd eye chakra. The energy of the world is directed to the body at all times. Various focal points within the body receive these energy boosts. Each chakra situated in our body contains a spiritual life lesson that helps us get in touch with our spiritual and personal powers. This helps us understand how to overcome obstacles, let go of emotional blockages, and walk the path towards spiritual consciousness. The 3rd eye chakra activation may hinder in performing the activities due to certain imbalances and blockages.

To fully understand the concept of the third eye chakra, it is essential to know what exactly the 3rd eye chakra is, the importance of it, and gain an in-depth understanding of the 3rd eye chakra healing process. Keep reading this article to gather insight about the 3rd eye chakra, and who knows you might even get to know yourself better!

Introduction to the 3rd Eye Chakra

The 3rd eye chakra, also known as the energy center of our body or the sixth chakra, is the gate that leads to inner realms and spaces of higher consciousness. Get in touch with your intuition, imagination, and thoughts, to such a level that you feel as if you have attained a level of self- actualization, and self-awareness.

People who can utilize their third eyes are sometimes known as seers. Being able to understand the 3rd eye chakra meaning is equivalent to equipping oneself with the ability to process wisdom and insight.
Chakra points are located in a straight line through the body; the 3rd eye chakra itself is located in the middle of the forehead, just above the eyes.

Importance of the 3rd Eye Chakra


Just like how our brain has certain importance linked to it, similarly, the 3rd eye chakra has great importance too. Those who understand the complete meaning of it can attain great benefits from this chakra. When our third eye chakra is clean and maintains a balance, we see life with clarity and possess strong intuition, insight, self-awareness, and emotional stability. This chakra provides you with the ability to make right and beneficial decisions for yourself. Hence, if your third eye chakra is impure or blocked you may start questioning your beliefs, feel trapped in a state of psychological paralysis, or just do not want to be a part of anything.


A blockage can lead to an extreme mood drainer if you ask me! This chakra is responsible for various spiritual and mental portions of your life such as the ability to move forwards, growth, a sense of belonging, and control over your emotions. Therefore, it is essential to keep your 3rd eye chakra in check.


Symptoms of an Unhealthy Chakra

If you fall to the ground and break your arm, you will feel pain, irritation, and other relevant symptoms, right? Similarly, a hit to your mental state, or in other words the 3rd eye chakra will also show complex signs of some sort of irregularity. However, unlike a physical injury, chakras are slightly more complicated, we are not able to sense the signs until we spiritually get in-touch with our mind.


Individuals resort to avoiding rather than facing difficult situations and fears. Acts such as this trigger the sixth chakra. Triggers can be subjective, however, individuals may feel as if their life is pointless and lose sight of the bigger picture. Internally they begin to question themselves and their choices. Additionally, on an internal level making small decisions is equivalent to making life-changing decisions for you. Your temperament may change to becoming extremely indecisive. A blocked chakra can have a serious impact on one's mental state of mind. Delusions and extreme levels of paranoia are some additional signs.


Aside from the mental symptoms and damages that a blocked chakra can cause, there are many physical signs too. Considering the location of the sixth chakra, a person may suffer from excruciating headaches. It could also turn into migraines, as well as, vision distortion and sinus infections.


What are Some 3rd Eye Chakra Healing Practices?

While trying to heal a third eye chakra may sound like a tedious and difficult task, the after-effects of it are worth it. You will be saving yourself spiritually and mentally, in ways that will make you more confident about your cognitive thinking skills as well as your intuition. Many experts such as Anodea Judith believe that the following practices will indulge in healing the 3rd chakra.


1. 3rd Eye Chakra Healing Music

Now the question ways about ways to heal the third eye chakra, while there are several ways to go about it, there is a much simpler and relaxing technique through which you can guarantee yourself a complete recovery of the strength of the chakra. What is that you may ask? 720 Hz frequency music for the 3rd eye chakra!

The calming tone of the sound will make you feel at ease. It will transfer you to a completely different state of mind. If you do not believe me give it a try! After an hour of listening to this 3rd eye chakra music, you will feel a sense of relief and stability.

2. Stones and Jewelry for Healing Purposes

There are various colors associated with chakras, and the color for the 3rd eye chakra is purple.  Individuals looking to heal their chakra can buy gems which incorporate the purple color. They can also purchase aiding stones such as amethyst, Black Obsidian, and Purple Fluorite. You can wear or carry these stones around with you to unblock your third eye chakra or squeeze it in your fist.


3. Meditation and Yoga

The first thought that will pop into your mind when it comes to spiritual wellness is meditation, followed by yoga. You do not need professional help to carry out meditation exercises, just by following a few simple steps you can enter a state of relaxation and an opened chakra. Experts such as Anodea Judith believe that 86% of the healing process is carried out by simple meditation exercises.


4. Unblocking the 3rd Chakra with the Help of food

Many food options can alter the blockage pattern of your chakra, instead of relying on heavy food; why not switch to certain food options that will benefit the chakra. Options include dark chocolate which is rich in magnesium, hence it will aid in distressing an individual. Another food source that you may turn to is omega 3, anything that contains omega 3 will help improve cognitive skills. Lastly, anything purple, remember the third eye chakra's color is purple so whether it's a grape or an eggplant, to go on the journey to self-healing, make it your best friend.


We hope this article has helped you in understanding ways to heal your 3rd eye chakra. Your feedback is highly appreciated so feel welcome to leave a comment down below!



__ Written by Music Of Wisdom team

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