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Royalty Free Relaxing Hypnosis Music - 12Hz Alpha Waves

Posted by Narek Mirzaei on

Relaxation may seem like a subtle experience but it is a truly powerful and necessary state of being. When we are relaxed in mind and body this can allow us relief and enjoyment as well as access to the deeper subconscious and spiritual aspects of being. Rest and relaxation allow our bodies and minds to naturally self heal as well as to be more receptive to facilitated healing and aligning therapies or practices. A relaxed body and mind can allow us to let go of stress, feel more at ease, clear, and be able to focus.
Within this article, we would like to introduce an original track composed by Music Of Wisdom specifically to guide you into a state of focused relaxation. This track is entitled Time To Rest Your Mind and we will discuss the characteristics and the intended uses for this composition.


Upon listening to this track you will find that the music instantly captures your attention and guides you using hypnotic melodies. The emotionally liberating and relaxing piano music within this composition guides listeners into a state of calm and clear focus. Time To Rest Your Mind is embedded with alpha wave binaural beats at the frequency of 12Hz which can induce states of relaxed awareness, meditation, and creative thinking. To learn more about alpha wave music you can read our article entitled Royalty Free Binaural Music-Alpha Waves.


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General Applications

These are some of the suggested uses of this calming royalty-free music:

  • Listen to this track after a long and busy day to unwind and relax.
  • Listen to this track in the morning to start your day with a relaxed and focused mind.
  • Listen to this composition for stress relief and anxiety relief.
  • Listen to still your mind and relax your body.
  • Perfect as background music for guided meditations intended for relaxation.
  • Perfect for use within healing sessions and for therapies that work on accessing the subconscious mind such as hypnotherapy and past life regression.
  • This track is also suitable for listening to during yoga or any other practices aiming for relaxation and focus.

The royalty-free track ,Time To Rest Your Mind, is suitable for use within your live events , podcasts, video or film projects.



Specific Applications

Alpha brainwave state

This track is embedded with 12Hz alpha wave binaural beats that work to entrain listeners' brainwaves to an alpha brainwave state. This higher frequency alpha state is a state of calmness and receptivity.  It is an optimal brainwave state for creativity and absorbing new information and so this track is perfect for use within projects or practices that will benefit from an alpha state of consciousness.


Relaxation of the body and mind

Time To Rest Your Mind is composed including relaxing piano melodies and calming alpha waves. This combination, in line with the intention of this track allows for listeners to experience relaxation of the body and mind.


Stress and anxiety relief

This is tied to the point above as it is the effect of relaxation of the body and mind that allows listeners to experience tangible stress relief and anxiety relief as they listen to this track. Piano music which is included within this track is known to be emotionally uplifting and relieving . You can read more details about the effects of piano music in our article Piano Background Music For Guided Meditation.



In order for hypnosis to take place the person being hypnotised needs to be guided into a state of calm, focus and suggestibility. The instruments and frequencies within the track, Time To Rest Your Mind can complement and enhance relaxation and focus which are needed for hypnosis. This track can be used as background music for your in-person or digitized hypnotherapy sessions.


You can listen to Time To Rest Your Mind on the Music Of Wisdom Youtube channel. You can purchase this track and many other amazing meditation music compositions all including royalty-free and commercial use licenses via the Meditation Music Library website.


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__Written by Music Of Wisdom team

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