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Royalty-Free Schumann Frequency Meditation Music

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Our home planet provides us with everything we need to survive and thrive and this can be true on an energetic level as well. As we learn about the presence of our earths harmonic frequencies; specifically the key Schumann frequency of 7.83Hz we can further understand how our earth is an intricate system that can maintain our wellbeing in many interesting and powerful ways such as through this frequency. The 7.83Hz frequency of our earth’s electromagnetic field can have many beneficial effects as we stay attuned. This frequency can be used within intentional music and meditation practices to entrain our minds and bodies to our earth’s heartbeat; the Schumann resonance allows us to maintain our natural state of good health and balance.

Timeless Earth is a royalty-free meditation music track that is perfect for any meditation and healing practices that are focused on connection to the earth and a natural balanced and calm state of being. This beautifully composed high-quality track is embedded with 7.83Hz binaural beats; the resonant low frequency of the earth’s electromagnetic field. This track offers a powerful grounding and aligning frequency that is deeply calming. It is perfect for use in your personal practices as well as within your professional meditation and healing offerings. 


Timeless Earth has a gentle yet pervasive guiding force that is so deeply calming. The combination of instruments includes relaxing, emotionally uplifting piano music, soothing angelic vocals and elegant, soulful cello music. These instruments create a captivating sound journey that gently and deliberately tunes the listeners’ or meditators’ vibration to the beneficial resonant frequency allowing for a state of deep relaxation and healing.


Piano, Cello, Angelic Vocals

General Applications

This royalty-free relaxing meditation music is great to be used for:

  • Meditations and practices connecting to earth and grounding.
  • Listening to when you are going through deep healing processes.
  • Perfect to play as gentle background music for energy healing sessions and other healing practices that require deep relaxation.
  • A great track for connecting and synchronising within group meditations  sending healing energy to mother earth;  applicable for both live and prerecorded guided meditations. 
  • Rebalancing or detoxing from the frequency of technology.
  • During walking meditations in nature. For your personal practice or within your guided walking meditation recordings.  You can learn more about walking meditation in our article Walking Meditation With Meditation Music.



Specific Applications

Deep Relaxation

The Schumann frequency of 7.53Hz embedded within the royalty-free track Timeless Earth falls in the range of our theta brainwave state. This brainwave state is associated with the state of deep mental and physical relaxation. It is also the state associated with the reduction of stress hormones. You can read in more detail about theta waves in the article entitled Royalty Free Binaural Music: Theta Waves. The instruments and angelic vocals within this track are also deeply calming.



Timeless Earth is an amazing track to listen to facilitate grounding or earthing through the use of sound–grounding also referred to as earthing is the practice of intentionally reconnecting or synchronising your field to the earth’s electromagnetic field. Grounding is known to greatly improve our health and wellbeing. You can utilize this royalty-free track within grounding meditations or listen to it while engaged in other grounding practices such as gardening or nature immersion.

You can listen to Timeless Earth on the Music Of Wisdom Youtube channel. You can purchase this track and many other amazing meditation music compositions all including royalty-free and commercial use licences via the Meditation Music Library website.


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