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Royalty-free Relaxation Music to Silence the Mind

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We all need to develop and harvest the habit of silencing the mind in our lives. It doesn’t matter if you’re a teacher, an experienced practitioner, or are just trying out some high-quality meditation music to make a stop at weekend or during the routine. This is an inherent need for any person who wants to be happy and healthy and develop the capability to observe the present from the wisdom of the soul to make wiser decisions.

“Meet Your Soul” is a royalty-free meditation music piece that meets the requirements for giving you that ambient to find yourself, and de-clutter and balance your mind. This is the track you need if you’re looking for a subtle sense of mindfulness, uprising, and connection to here and now. Use it in both your personal practice and as background music at home to charge it with a calming and neutral vibe.


Its flow is steady in the range and amplitude of notes of the instruments, as well as in the mood it transmits, with no intense changes. This setting helps bring focus and connect to your purpose, leaving behind the noises and distractions from the mind for a long time, like for when you’re doing any job or activity that requires focus, this royalty-free relaxing music will contain you until you finish. Your live guided meditations could extend as you wish thanks to this steady flow.


Keyboards. Piano. Bowed Strings.

General Applications

This royalty-free calming music is great to be used for:

  • Savasana and relaxation after the yoga class,
  • Hypnosis: addressing commitment, reflection, and management of intense emotions. Learn more about our royalty-free hypnosis music here,
  • Reflection and introspective meditation,
  • Live guided meditations background music (it still has slow variations that may not fit for overall recorded guided imageries, but will do great if you’re guiding it live to use these slight variations in your favor),
  • Starting your day in balance,
  • Set a calming and neutral mood at home and/or your spa and holistic practices' center,
  • Before and while studying or doing mindful artworks like mandalas.

Specific Applications: Developing a Neutral Mind

Several branches from Eastern wisdom coincide about the existence of 3 main aspects of energy in the Universe (like the gunas in Ayurveda). Such aspects are reflected or find an analogy in our mental self as negative mind, positive mind, and neutral mind.

The first one, the negative mind, evaluates the risks and previous experiences. On the other hand, the positive mind evaluates the potential benefits and embraces bravery. Most of the people, when they’re not heart-centered or balanced, either choose one or the other from these polarities, which means there are living and making choices reactively.

One objective of practicing meditation and mindful habits is to develop and keep awakened that third mind: the neutral mind. It’s the one that allows you to connect to your inner wisdom, to observe and make choices from that inner truth or Dharma. Here is when beautiful relaxing music pieces like “Meet Your Soul” come into play to easily re-connect and work from that frequency, so you consider your intuition and purpose every day.

Thus, this inspiring background music is special for that break before studying or doing anything that requires both focus, intuition, and a calm mind. When you’re about to make important choices, or for the Sunday when planning your activities for the week.

“Meet Your Soul” is also perfect before or while doing any kind of artwork, in order to keep your inspiration flowing out from your heart, and a clear mind to depict what you really want to depict into your creations. That’s why, if you consider that every day of your life is meant to be a piece of art, having “Meet Your Soul” and more royalty-free cinematic meditation music in your library is a must!

 Royalty free meditation music to meet your soul and silence your mind

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__Written by Music Of Wisdom team

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