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Royalty Free Calming Music For Morning Meditation

Posted by Narek Mirzaei on

A state of calm is a gentle and powerful state. Being calm and relaxed expands our capacity for healing, receiving, connecting, and enjoyment. Keeping calm can allow us to flow through each day with more grace and presence. Listening to music has been proven and widely experienced to have a relaxing effect on the mind and the body. Calming meditation music is intentionally composed to deeply relax and bring ease to the mind, body, and spirit of listeners. We can utilize calming and soothing music during meditation and other relaxing and aligning practices to intentionally cultivate a state of calm.

We take this opportunity to introduce a royalty-free meditation music track, A Calm Beginning, composed by Music of Wisdom. This song is created with the intention of soothing and calming the listener with positive sound vibration. The characteristic of this track makes it perfect for a variety of applications for both personal and professional use and we will discuss the suitable uses in more detail below.


A Calm Beginning is a calming and uplifting meditation music track. This track contains a steady stream of natural sounds of the forest and river combined with gentle stringed instruments and guiding angelic vocals. The elements combined create a deeply calming and uplifting vibe. The focus on nature sounds within this track welcomes the listener to be naturally peaceful and comforted. Research has shown how music with nature sounds can be both deeply relaxing as well as have a positive impact on our mood. To understand more about the detailed benefits of music with nature sounds you can read our article entitled Royalty-Free Relaxing Music With Nature Sounds.


Strings, Angelic Vocals, Pads, High-quality recordings of forest and river sounds

General Applications

This royalty-free calming meditation music is suited perfectly for the following suggested uses:

  • Within morning meditations, in your personal practice or to use in prerecorded guided morning or calming meditation offerings.
  • During morning or early daytime yoga sessions both in your personal and professional practice; including prerecorded classes or live classes.
  • During relaxation and breathwork exercises.
  • Playing in the background during your morning routine.
  • Whenever you need a fresh start. 
  • For stress and anxiety relief; listen to when needed in your personal life or within intentional anxiety relief practices such as guided anxiety relief meditations.
  • A Calm Beginning can be included as background music for any content , projects or practices that require a naturally calm and uplifting vibe including but not limited to podcasts, YouTube videos, guided relaxations and meditations, yoga and breathwork classes and energy healing sessions.



Specific Applications

A Calm Beginning can really enhance practices or projects that aim to have any of the following specific effects:

Starting the day calmly and aligned

 A CalmBeginning is composed of sound vibrations that are intentionally curated to calm your mind and body so that you can align your energy early in the day and flow through your day calmly.


Uplifting and positive mood

The instruments and nature sounds utilized in this track naturally uplift the vibe of anyone listening. This meditation music can help to reset your vibe and begin again calmly at any time.


Soothing and grounding anxiety relief 

This track is soothing which can help to relax the nervous system aiding in anxiety and stress relief. The nature sounds in the track can help you to be more grounded and present which can help alleviate anxieties about the past and future. 

You can freely listen to A Calm Beginning on the Music Of Wisdom Youtube channel. To utilize the track within your projects you can purchase A Calm Beginning as well as many other amazing meditation music compositions all including royalty-free and commercial use licences via the Meditation Music Library website.


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__Written by Music Of Wisdom team

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