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Royalty Free Healing Meditation Music

Posted by Narek Mirzaei on

When we open our awareness to include and embrace a spiritual world view we can gain access to a set of powerful practices that can help us to heal, align and upgrade. Practices such as prayer, meditation, visualization, and energy healing modalities such as reiki can bring multidimensional benefits to our life. We can incorporate meditation music composition to deepen our experiences and increase sound healing benefits. 

You can make use of soothing and guiding tracks such as Prayer For Light in your personal and professional practices. Prayer For Light is composed by Music Of Wisdom and within this blog, We introduce this track including a description of the track and the best suited and suggested applications.


The feeling of the sounds within Prayer For Light can be described as bright, light, spiritual and guiding. This track is gentle and soft. It has the perfect balance of constant relaxing tones, and ever evolving elements that are subtly engaging and guiding energetically. Prayer For Light includes subtle flute music which contributes to the overall positive spiritual vibe that this meditation music composition offers.


Flute, Pads, and Drones

General Applications

This royalty free ambient relaxing music is well suited for use within:

  • Personal meditation, prayer and relaxation practices.
  • Personal energy healing practices.
  • Professional offerings of guided meditations for visualization, healing, channeling, and increased spiritual awareness.
  • Guided relaxation practices for stress relief, rejuvenation, healing, and deep sleep.
  • Your professional practice of energy healing modalities such as reiki.
  • As background music for video content surrounding the topic of spirituality or with a spiritual vibe.
  • Listen to get attuned to a spiritual awareness in preparation for prayer, traditional or active meditations.
  • Play Prayer For Light within your home to embrace the light, relaxation, and spiritual vibe.



Specific Applications


Prayer For Light is intentionally composed to have a relaxing effect on the mind, body, and soul. The gentle guiding sound vibrations can be used for simple relaxation or relaxing in preparation for deep healing, rejuvenation, creativity, or meditation.


Connecting or channeling spiritual energy

The deeply spiritual energy within the music of Prayer For Light makes this track perfect for intentionally opening to, feeling, and connecting to a higher power. Whatever your belief system, the pure and light feeling of this music is universal and can guide you into a state of stillness, openness, and oneness. You can listen to these compositions while breathing intentionally, practicing gratitude and appreciation, praying, meditating, and even while practicing or receiving reiki.



The constant yet ever-evolving nature of this composition can be a gentle and effective guiding vibration for the practice of visualization. Be it your personal visualization practice or your professional meditations, videos, live events or classes related to visualization, Prayer For Light offers a well suited complimentary ambiance.


You can listen to Prayer For Light on the Music Of Wisdom Youtube channel. You can purchase this track and many other amazing meditation music compositions all including royalty-free and commercial use licenses via the Meditation Music Library website


Royalty free meditation music download


Prayer For Light is also available as a special solfeggio collection; the track is expertly tuned to the six key solfeggio frequencies; to learn more about solfeggio frequencies you can read our Wednesday Wisdom Blog article entitled Solfeggio Frequencies: Everything You Need To Know.

Prayer for Light - 6 Solfeggio Frequencies Collection 


_Written by Music Of Wisdom team

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