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Heal Your Twin Flame - 432Hz Healing Music

Posted by Narek Mirzaei on

If you’ve ever experienced a uniquely deep connection with another person, they may be your twin flame, but it usually gets hard to accept the connection as it is in most cases.
So If you’re one of those, you’ll be surprised to know that the solution is usually to work on your own soul and mind. One of the best strategies suggested are mediation, hypnosis and even spiritual music with frequencies which we’ll be covering today.
Here we’ll go into the depths of how healing your own twin flame can lead to healing of your mind, body and soul!

Heal Your Twin Flame

A twin flame spiritually means when a soul is split into two physical beings and as a result, when the two individuals connect in life, they feel a special bond, unlike love at times. Most people find it hard to keep the connection going due to fear of abandonment and stress of keeping up with the other. 

This subconscious blockage can be healed by opening your heart completely to the experience to grow, give space and find yourselves back. Meditation with music, yoga and any focus related exercise helps with reflecting on your twin flame and healing your twin flame as being one.
Now there are millions of mediation tracks and spirituality music videos out there but only a few are legit and crafted scientifically. So here we’ll be looking into a royalty-free original track produced by Music of Wisdom called Heal Your Twin Flame. Keep reading to find out what it’s for, its characteristics and how it heals you from within.


Once you hit play, you’ll feel like you’re instantly teleported to a realm filled with its pleasant  angelic vocal tuned at 432 Hz that gives your ears a soft and harmonic sound to relax and ultimately enables you to reflect on the changes in your relation with your twin flame and as a twin flame and embrace them overtime.


Piano, Cello, Hang Drums

What To Use This Track For?

  • Listen to this track if you’re feeling stressed about your twin flame 
  • Listen to relax your body and mind after an exhausting stressful day
  • Listen to improve sleep quality
  • Great tool to use for meditation, hypnosis and therapy sessions
  • Heighten your perception and unleash your intuition
  • Achieve mental clarity to reflect on your twin flame as well as yourself
  • Great for reducing anxiety and sharpening focus to think positive
  • You can use this track for yoga, guided meditation or other focus and relaxation practices

Heal Your Twin Flame is also a great royalty-free track to use within your meditation and classes, Youtube videos, and as background music for guided meditation.


How To Use It Scientifically?

432 Hertz as a sound frequency is known to help with physical as well as emotional healing by stimulating the release of toxins and according to most experiences it’s more calming and soothing compared to 440 Hertz.
Meditating every day listening to Heal Your Twin Flame, you’ll be able to relax and take the time to reflect and accept your reality as this frequency is known to help achieve mental clarity by improving your focus so you can keep your attention on positive thoughts and tune out negative ones in regards to your twin flame as well as yourself.
It’ll help you heal from the negative energies of your sabotaging thoughts and self-doubt especially that comes with a spiritual relationship. You’ll be able to unknot the blockages of what you can’t accept and thrive in what you’re blessed with.

You can listen to Heal Your Twin Flame on the Music Of Wisdom Youtube channel. You can purchase this track and many other amazing meditation music compositions all including royalty-free and commercial use licenses via the Meditation Music Library website.




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__Written by Music Of Wisdom team



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