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Royalty-Free Angelic Singing Meditation Music

Posted by Narek Mirzaei on

Do you want to feel relaxed and like you are in heaven (or bring that sensation to your audience/students)? Or are you in need of improving communication and listening skills, or understanding yourself better? Then this beautiful track is the one. “Paradise of Souls, Part 1” is a royalty-free relaxing music that fits perfectly for any mindful practice or moment of introspection.

The use of choirs has been used for centuries as an art that brings us closer to God and our spiritual self. From Mantras and Naad Yoga in Eastern Asia to the Gospel chants in the Catholic Church, angelic and choir singing is a key part of the spiritual legacy of mankind.

This track will connect listener(s) to higher realms of consciousness, with its angelic voices helping to clear the mind and enlighten you with ideas from the heights as you hear them, leaving a lasting effect after the session. Its long version will guide the listener to find hidden truths within and develop better communication.

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Paradise of Souls Part 1 has a soft pace and flow, keeping a continuous and subtle crescendo and diminuendo of all the instruments (constantly falling into almost complete silence and then going back louder) during the whole piece. It is like the come and goes of the sea waves, but in this case, it’s no water but angelic voices that gently push you into the subtlest dimensions of consciousness.


Keyboards, choirs of angelic voices, overtone singing.

General Applications

The main uses for this royalty-free hypnosis music are:

  • Savasana and relaxation after the yoga class,
  • Hypnosis: especially if you want to work on communication and reveal inner truths,
  • Guided Imageries addressing communication to God and/or letting go to feel lighter,
  • Churches, temples, and all places conceived as sacred in your life,
  • Find inspiration and connection to the heavens,
  • Mindfulness

Specific Applications

Using relaxing music with angelic and choir voices intuitively activates and balances the 5th chakra. This is the energy center located in the throat and related to the expression of the self, synchronicity, and the adjustment of the metabolism and biorhythms (thyroid gland). Thus, by using Paradise of Souls Part 1, you will be helping improve sleep, biorhythms, communication, and the connection with your mastery and purpose.

An alternative to boost this effect is singing along with the voices, at least for the beginning as a warm-up, and afterward keep singing spontaneously, either alone, as accompaniment for the music, or with other people so you train conscious listening.

It’s a great match to include this track after practices that work on this and the other upper chakras (6th and 7th), to finish the session feeling uplifted and with a clear connection with intuition, using afterward only wise words that raise your spirit and others’.

This inspiring and relaxing royalty-free music also has a second part, and they complement each other magically. Imagine using Paradise of Souls, Part 1 for the Savasana or relaxing session, and Part 2 for a very insightful meditation, once the mind has been cleared out by the previous practice and the relaxation. Buy the Paradise Of Souls Bundle and enjoy the experience of bringing them together into your practice and classes for an even better price, and feel like Paradise!

Royalty free angelic choral meditation music download


Royalty free meditation music download


__Written by Music Of Wisdom team

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