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432Hz Soul Cleansing Meditation Music

Posted by Narek Mirzaei on

Throughout our daily life experiences, we can accumulate negative energies from experiences such as stress, anxiety, negative thoughts and emotions as well as challenging interactions with others and more. It can be challenging to completely avoid negative energy and so for most of us, we must incorporate active practices to clear these energies as well as tore-energize and fortify our energy so that we are not as easily impacted. 

Practices such as meditation, visualization, affirmations, breathwork, and energy healing can be used in combination with intentionally composed cleansing music to easily energetically or spiritually cleanse and reenergize. Specific sound vibrations can have a purifying and aligning effect on our vibration as we meditate with the music.

Cleanse Your Soul is A powerful track that is specifically tuned and composed with the focused intention to cleanse your energetic vibration. This is one of many original meditation music compositions by Music Of Wisdom and we will now take some time to explore the characteristics and applications of this track that you can choose to utilize within your personal or professional practice.


The sound vibrations of Cleanse Your Soul have the effect of gently and gracefully guiding the listener to cleanse and release negative and non-beneficial frequencies. Spiritual cleansing allows listeners to be free of old non-beneficial energies and allows for new alignment. This track is tuned to 432Hz which is an audibly and energetically harmonious tone that has a deep relaxing and healing effect. You can read more about music tuned to this tone in the article 432Hz vs 440Hz Tuning: Fact or Conspiracy?


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General Applications

This royalty-free cleansing and healing meditation music is suited perfectly for the following suggested uses:

  • During your personal meditation practice or professional offerings of guided cleansing meditations or healing meditations to let go of negative energy and welcome harmony.
  • You can play this track after a negative interaction to help clear the energy.
  • You can listen to this track if you are an empath and feel overwhelmed by the energies you have picked up.
  • You can listen to Cleanse Your Soul if you feel heavy, depressed, or anxious.
  • Perfect to include within aura cleansing meditations or practices.
  • Great for use during energy healing sessions with the intention of spiritual cleansing and realignment. 



Specific Applications

The cleansing and healing meditation music track Cleanse Your Soul can really benefit practices or projects that aim to have any of the following specific effects:

Spiritual Cleansing

The tuning and intentions within this composition are focused on spiritual cleansing. This is the process of energetically clearing stagnant, non-beneficial, negative, or misaligned energy from your energy body. This type of clearing can have a cleansing impact on all aspects of you; your body, mind, emotions, and spirit because the energy body holds the deep patterns and blueprints that inform these aspects. Cleanse Your Soul can offer a multidimensional cleansing through the power of sound healing. 


Spaciousness and Lightness

When your energy field is cleansed and purified this can allow for an experience of lightness. Clearing energetically opens the space for new codes of more beneficial energy vibrations to become a part of your experience. In this way, the meditation music track Cleanse Your Soul offers both the cleansing and healing effects which can lead to a feeling of spaciousness and lightness.


Realignment and Renewal

Cleanse Your Soul offers musical sound vibrations and frequency tuning that is primarily cleaning but also contains healing sounds and positive energy that can intentionally realign your newly cleared energy to a relaxed, uplifted, and more positive state.

You can freely listen to Cleanse Your Soul on the Music Of Wisdom Youtube channel. To utilize the track within your projects you can purchase Cleanse Your Soul as well as many other amazing meditation music compositions all including royalty-free and commercial use licenses via the Meditation Music Library website.


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__Written by Music Of Wisdom team

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